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Marvel Avengers Alliance S.H.I.E.L.D. Simulator Guide

A new feature has been launch alongside season 2 chapter 5 called The S.H.I.E.L.D. Simulator.
S.H.I.E.L.D. Simulator Guide

You need Simulation Points to play S.H.I.E.L.D simulator. 12 hour recharge per point. 2 Gold for 1 or 5 gold for 3 from store. It looks like there's a 12 hour timer when you run out of Simulation points, however, upon refreshing the game you have all your points back. I doubt either is intended. 

Like Incursions and PVE fights, you can view enemies and change gear/heroes before starting the fight, and back out before starting the fight without losing Simulation Points

Simulator Intro: 
Reward: Access to next level of the Simulator
1) Defeat 1 Enemy (Blaster Sentinel)
Need No Simulation Point.

Simulator Basics: 
Reward: 10 Gold
1) Defeat 1 Enemy (Generalist - Blackheart)

2) Defeat Multiple Enemies (Infiltrator - Bowman, Blaster - Dark Hawkeye)

3) Replication: 
Fight multiples of the same enemy (Scrapper - Green Goblin x2)

4) Score Challenge:
Win with a score of over 45000. Simulator multiplier is x10 (Blasters - Hooligan x2, Crimson Dynamo)

5) Solo Fight:
Fight with only one hero (Infiltrator - Elektra)
Go with Magik. Stepping disk means that Elektra misses some moves with 70% chance - Elektra goes down in no time

6) Restrictions: 
Attacks no longer apply statuses. This includes Shields and Healing (Scrapper - Militant x2, Tactician - Tactical Force)

7) Hazards:
Team takes burning damage each round (Blasters - Hydra Judicator x2, Dragoness)
Human Torch - burning gives healing, agent with hard nox - massive bonus to attack thanks to burning and Daimon Hellstrom - who burns himself anyway

8) Restrictions: 
Only Blasters may be used (Bruiser - Hydro-Man, Tactician - Mystique, Madame Masque)
This is the level that gave me most trouble, but I finally beat it
Blaster storm, Daimon Hellstrom and Blaster agent
Storm: Freezes the bruiser and stuns thanks to freezing
Shroud makes most attacks miss
Daimon Hellstrom casts mind control, heals and boosts evasion with skittering darkness
Agent has gaunt caress, ex oblivione, vigilante toolkit, and scroll
Spray everyone, protect, retractable claw - which counters
Gaunt caress will reduce damage to nothing - but only if you have ex oblivione
Good Combos: 
Havok, Cyclops (Uncanny) and Storm (Modern).
Dr. Strange, Havok, and Storm

9) Timed Fight: 
Win in 4 rounds or less (Tactician - Kang)

10) Boss Rush:
Face off against 9 enemies (Wave 1 Blaster - Crimson Dynamo, Bruiser - Hydro-Man, Tactician - Moonstone; Wave 2 Tacticians - Kang, Bullseye, Infiltrator - The Hood; Wave 3 Blaster - Dragoness, Scrappers - Green Goblin, Executioner)
Bruiser agent with ex oblivione, vigilante toolkit, scroll of angolob and gaunt caress, Fandral and Spiral
First two waves will go by easy
Make sure you place depowered appropriately, and use spiral's breakdown every now and then
If you use Fandral's depower move at the end of a round - the next round he is ready to use the move again - use this to your advantage
Combo: use Deadpool & either Domino, Spiral or Scarlet Witch
Combo:  bruiser Captain america and fand
Combo:  Dr Strange , Agent with Magnetic Field generator, Curative reach, Scroll of Angolob, and Tyrant Blade, generalist armor, and FF Invisibe woman

That is how I and some of friends beat it. You can share your own experience. 


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