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Marvel Avengers Alliance Resource: Shield Points Guide

The Shield points in Marvel Avengers Alliance  is very necessary. For the beginner it is difficult to get shield points.  

Using of shield points
  • To train heroes higher level,
  • Research.
  • Purchasing gear.
Getting Free Shield Points:
  • Use Bonus Feed Collector , When you are beginner
  • From friend gifts. But I will recommend to only receive energy from friends . 
  • Visiting allies' gives you a lot of shield points on MAA. 

Marvel Avengers Alliance Resource Command Points Guide

To make and obtain Command points in Marvel Avengers Alliance. There are a couple ways that you can do. The best way to gain command points appear to be winning battles against epic bosses.

Getting Command Points

  • Enemies in battle will drop command points at random.
  • Defeating bosses give chance to drop 1 command point, 3 command points, or 5 command points  
  • 5 stars at  Master a mission give 5 command points. 
  • Purchase Command Points with Gold
  • Using the CP Farming Method.
  • New Method of CP earning

Using Command Points

  • Command points are mainly used to recruit more heroes.
  • Purchase uniform of heroes.

Small Tricks: 
The probability of getting command point from the battle with boss  is so high. Try this  weapon list. Let the boss win, then you have the chance of getting 1 command from 10 energy.  

Marvel Avengers Alliance Resource: Silver Guide( How to get silver easily and its use)

Silver is one of the most common resource of marvel avengers alliance game, you can pretty much get in-game silver through the majority of the actions.

Getting  Silver OnMarvel Avengers Alliance

Silver can be found in MAA through different flight deck missions  and defeating scenes. 

Flight deck missions guide
  • Unlock all the flight deck slots ASAP
  • Upgrade Your Flight Deck Jets to the Fullest
  • Make Sure You Hire Enough Heroes for Flight Deck Missions
  • Send Out Higher Level Heroes for Additional Silver Bonus
  • Shorter Flight Deck Missions Earn More Money and Silver
  • Pick the Best Time According to Your Life
  • Return on Investment of Flight Deck Upgrades

However, it must be noted that the best way to earn a lot of silver by sending out your heroes on the shortest mission possible for maximum silver gain. .

Using MAA Silver

  1. The use of silver :
  2. To purchase new gears and uniform for your agent
  3. Conducting research
  4. Hero training and leveling up. 

Marvel Avengers Alliance Resource: Gold Guide

The most important resource of Marvel Avengers Alliance is gold. It is equivalent to cash of real life. You can purchase almost all the item with gold.

Is there any option to get free gold?

Actually not. Cheats are available on the internet are scam. So do not search for free or cheat or hack gold. If you did not claim your avengers bonus then claim from here. You can get some bonus gold from there. 

Getting Gold:
  • You can purchase gold using real life cash.
  • 4 stars of a mission will give you 1 gold
  • Leveling up your agent will give you 1 gold. 

Using gold
  • You can purchase all the things on MAA by gold. 
  • I recommend you to only spend gold for premium and limited edition weapons. 

Marvel Avengers Alliance Resource: Challenge and Energy Points

These two resource are very important, that allow you to conduct the play. 

Challenge Points

Using Of Challenge Points
  • Only use of challenge points for playing pvp (Player vs. player).You need only one challenge points for one battle. 
Getting Challenge Points:
  • Challenge points can be found from neighbors visits.
  • Receive gift from allies. 
  • Automatically restore after a certain period.  

Energy Points

Using Of Energy Points
  • Energy points are for playing mission.You need 10 energy points for one battle. 
Getting Energy Points:
  • Challenge points can be found from neighbors visits. .
  • Receive gift from allies.I will recommend you to only receive gold from allies. Reserve energy points for special operation.  


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