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Marvel Avengers Alliance- All About Marvel XP: Guide, Award List and Level Up

In the game window you can look a tab name Marvel XP(after PLAY button) I will give you a complete reference  that you need to know about the different Marvel XP achievement awards and how to get them in Marvel: Avengers Alliance.
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Marvel XP

What is Marvel XP 

Marvel XP stands for marvel xp awards, these are available when you have reached different certain game requirements.It contains news about the game, statistics on a player's own game play, and unlocked dossiers and awards. The stories of the games connected to Marvel XP are interconnected with each other that began with Marvel: Avengers Alliance, then continued by Avengers Initiative.

In addition, the rewards are also connected in a way that playing one of the games in Marvel XP will reward the players content in other games.

In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Marvel XP can only be accessed in the Facebook version of the game, as this feature is not available in the version.

Games Connected to Marvel XP
Marvel: Avengers Alliance (Facebook)
Avengers Initiative (Android)

Avengers Initiative (iPhone)

Connect Marvel XP with Marvel: Avengers Alliance?

Marvel XP is accessed via the Marvel XP button at the top of Avengers Alliance. Signing up is automatic, but requires creating a login with a valid email address.
Users who have entered an incorrect email address or who wish to activate email reward may use the following link:***********#/login . Replace the asterisks with your USERID found at the bottom of the MAA game screen.


The News Bulletin Section of Marvel XP. This section contains in-game news explaining more details about the story of the game.

Dossiers contain write-ups of characters and organizations, as well as stats on characters encountered in the game. They are unlocked by purchasing Heroes or through encounters in missions. There are 133 dossiers to unlock.

Awards are given to players for achieving different kinds of feats in the game. Some Awards are unlocked by finishing certain missions or finishing a certain amount of missions, other Awards are unlocked by recruiting heroes. These Awards are found in the Marvel XP section of the game. The Awards do not give any item or Gear in exchange for unlocking them, but contributes to leveling up in Marvel XP, which provides silver, shield points, and gear. There are 30 different Awards that can be unlocked throughout the game.

Marvel XP Awards

List of Marvel XP Awards 
Marvel Avengers Alliance
Now I will go over the various Marvel XP awards and how you can get them in Marvel: Avengers Alliance.The most important part of this guide is the unique hero awards section, because it will teach you which Marvel: Avengers Alliance heroes that you need to recruit to obtain and unlock these award badges:

Unique Hero Recruitment Achievement Awards

These special badges that you can unlock by recruiting a specific of team of heroes.For that you need a lot of Marvel avengers alliance Command Points. You can use  CP farming method to get the CP needed to unlock these Marvel: Avengers Alliance Heroes faster.
Mutant Master – Recruit all mutant heroes
Note: To unlock this Marvel XP achievement, you will need to have Phoenix, Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, Cyclops, Colossus, Storm, and Nightcrawler.
Mystic Master – Recruit all mystic heroes
Note: The Mystic Master badge requires you to recruit Dr. Strange, Iron Fist, Thor, and Sif to unlock.
Fantastic Friend – Recruit all members of the Fantastic Four
Note: The Marvel: Avengers Alliance Fantastic Friend Marvel XP Badge includes Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing
Avengers Assemble – Recruit all Avengers
Note: The Avengers Assemble Heroes include: Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow & Hawkeye. These are the Marvel: Avengers Alliance Heroes that have appeared in the Movie released in 2012. These heroes also have some limited edition Marvel: Avengers Alliance uniforms.

General Hero Recruiting Achievement Awards

  1. Roster of 5 – Recruit 5 heroes
  2. Roster of 10 – Recruit 10 heroes
  3. Roster of 20 – Recruit 20 heroes
  4. Roster Complete – Recruit all 28 launch heroes

Marvel Avengers Alliance Level Achievements

  1. Spectacular Agent – Attain 5th agent level
  2. Special Agent – Attain 10th agent level
  3. Super Spy – Attain 20th agent level

General Mission and Chapter Completion Achievement

  1. Field Agent – Complete all training missions
  2. Premium fighter – Complete any one “Premium” mission
  3. Chapter 1 Complete – Complete all non-premium missions of Chapter 1
  4. Chapter 2 Complete – Complete all non-premium missions of Chapter 2
  5. Chapter 3 Complete – Complete all non-premium missions of Chapter 3
  6. Chapter 4 Complete – Complete all non-premium missions of Chapter 4
  7. Chapter 5 Complete – Complete all non-premium missions of Chapter 5
  8. Chapter 6 Complete – Complete all non-premium missions of Chapter 6
  9. Chapter 7 Complete – Complete all non-premium missions of Chapter 7
  10. Chapter 8 Complete – Complete all non-premium missions of Chapter 8
  11. Chapter 9 Complete – Complete all non-premium missions of Chapter 9
  12. Chapter 10 Complete – Complete all non-premium missions of Chapter 10

Mission Completion Counts Badges

  1. Incredible Hero – Complete 15 different missions
  2. Amazing Hero – Complete 30 different missions
  3. Fantastic Hero – Complete 45 different missions
  4. Uncanny Hero – Complete 60 different missions

More  Achievement Awards

  • Through investigator – Complete all masteries of a single mission (have all 5 stars)

Task Completion Achievements

    Avengers Initiative
  1. Special Ops – Complete 20 tasks
  2. Deep Cover – Complete 100 tasks
Avengers Initiative
Defeating the Hulkbuster Iron Man Boss,
Reward: Man's Mark 5 Armor Uniform. 
Defeating Taskmaster Boss three times
Reward: Mockingbird.

Marvel Xp Reward: 
Marvel XP LevelRewards
GearSilver.pngShield point-icon.pngCommand point icon.png
5Das Boot.png
Das Boot
8The Exsanguinator.png
The Exsanguinator
10Techno-Organic Endoskeleton.png
Techno-Organic Endoskeleton
15Fantastic Formula.png
Fantastic Fix

Source: wikia 

How to level up in Marvel XP
Whenever you go to marvel xp at the bottom of the screen is three buttons.  from left to right they are news, dossiers, and awards.  If you click the awards button you will see a bunch of silver things.  If you click each one it will tell you the objective for that award and xp for completing the objective.  Once that objective is completed, you will get XP.  Enough XP gained, and you level up.  For example: An objective is "Complete chapter 1." If you complete chapter 1, you will get 25 XP. 

How do I recover my Marvel XP username and/or password?
In order to recover your username or password you will have to use the in-game password recovery forms.  Marvel Xp shares its log in information with , , and   You can use those pages to recover your password/username as well. 
Please note, Playdom is not able to assist your with recovering your Username or Password. 

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