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Marvel Avengers Alliance: Producer's Notes on Season 2 Part II Incursions

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Yesterday we talked about all of the events required to achieve Chapter Mastery in Season 2. One of the new events we mentioned was Incursions. We wanted to take some time to explain what an Incursion is, what it means for our game, and why we decided to include it.

First of all - everyone loves an origin story. Where did the idea Incursions come from? If you’ve been reading Marvel Comics and especially “New Avengers”, then you already know. But, rather than explaining it myself, I think it is best explained by Dr. Reed Richards. Take it away, Reed!
explained by Dr. Reed Richards
These images are all from New Avengers Vol. 3 #2. So basically in the comics, our heroes are facing the death of their entire universe because all of existence is collapsing on itself. Heavy stuff!

The Marvel Gaming Universe exists in the Marvel Multiverse, so it it only makes sense that our game would be affected by this event of massive scale! However, the guys in the comics are a little ahead of our Avengers. They know a lot more about it than the heroes in our game.

Enter a self-proclaimed Incursion expert! In Chapter 1 we are introduced to none other than Agent Phil Coulson. I’ll hold for applause...
Agent Phil Coulson

Coulson is digging into these fleeting interdimensional phenomenons from the S.H.I.E.L.D. side, and as such he gets involved in the Season 2 story in a big way. You’ll see Coulson a lot from here on out, complete with his enjoyable relationship with Tony Stark. Awesome!

So what are Incursions in the game? An Incursion event looks like this on the map. It is a red pin with the symbol of two worlds colliding.

In an Incursion, players will see a red sky and another “incurring” Earth in that sky. This represents the place that exists between the two worlds, just like in the comics (seriously take a break from this and go read New Avengers Vol. 3 #1 right now!). Players will participate in a fight here. However, while it may be similar to PVP, there are some distinct differences. Check out the Incursion background from London below.
Incursion background from London 1

Incursion background from London 2

First of all, players are allowed to set their team based on what they see on the other team, just like a normal mission fight. Second of all, items are allowed in these combats. Last, but not least, players’ hero and armory bonuses will not be used in these fights, as they are not considered PVP fights.

So why did we include Incursions in Season 2? Well there are a few reasons. First of all we have always wanted to add new event types to the map. You’ve seen this in the past with Group Bosses, but we wanted to do more.

Also, we were reading these stories in the comics and really wanted to work the Incursion theme into the game. We thought we had a game that lent itself well to the theme, so it was almost immediately brought up as an idea.

We hope you guys love the Incursion battles as much as we do. We think they are a great addition to the game. We will have more exciting updates for you as the week goes on, so stay tuned!  

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Community Manager Note: Check this post for sneak peeks and updates on Season 2 content straight from our Avengers Alliance Producer!

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Marvel Avengers Alliance: Producer's Notes on Season 2 Part ii
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Producer's Notes on Season 2 Part III
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Marvel Avengers Alliance Season 2 Trailer

Part I: The New Look of Season 2
By now you all know that Season 2 has a dramatically new look. You’re well aware of the updated tabs in the mission screen, but the changes to the UI go deeper than that, and some of them you’ve already seen in the game (like the updated tasks window).

We believe a big part of making something feel fresh is making it look fresh as well. The aesthetics and the gameplay go hand-in-hand. When Season 2 launches, you’ll see a mission screen that looks a lot like this -

Season 2  window

Pretty fancy, huh? But what does it all mean? Well, let’s dig in. First of all, gone away are Mastery Stars (in Season 2 Chapters only -- Spec Ops and Season 1 unaffected). Taking their place is a new Chapter Mastery system. One that is based on accomplishments rather than grinding.

You’ll note that each of the bars on the left-hand side is associated with a color-coordinated icon. Some of these are familiar, some of them are new events, and some are new icons for old events. From top to bottom here are what the bars represent.

  1. The top one is your overall progress in the chapter (basically all the bars below it added together and in the form of a percentage)
  2. Tasks (which will work more like Spec Ops do in this case - example below)
  3. Deploys
  4. Incursions (more on this another day)
  5. Heroic Battles (more on this another day)
  6. Challenge Modes (now mandatory to be completed once per mission if you want Chapter Mastery)
  7. Epic Bosses (now clearly identified on the mission select screen for both Seasons as well as Spec Ops). See the matching icon on Mission 6 here as an example.

season 2 task window
(This is what you see when you click the task icon for a chapter in your task bar)

Ok, so now you know what all the icons stand for, and you know you have to complete each of these items, across all 6 missions to be the master of the chapter. As you can see in this example, when you complete a particular type of event in a mission that icon on the mission image will light up. Missions with only 4 icons do not have an epic boss.

See that I’ve completed the one Incursion event in Mission 1, so it’s red (instead of grey) and the Chapter Progress bar for Incursions is filled up a little bit. This new identifier is also on Season 1 and Spec Op Chapters if there’s an epic boss in a mission. In the new trailer you also see the bar filling up on the right-hand side of the screen when you complete a particular event. Expect to see that slide on the screen each time you complete events that qualify for Chapter Mastery.

And that’s just barely the tip of the iceberg. There are so many small interface updates like that scattered all over. You’ll be lucky to find them all in one sitting! Like icons that show you which Season your tasks are from or us adding a new mission info screen to show you mission-specific rewards, leaderboards, story, and other info. If you look closely at the first image you can even see we changed the background for the Season 2 mission screen. Black Panther looking up at another Earth. What could that be? Pretty cool stuff!
Season 2 mission screen

season 2 mission info page

There’s so much to see and do in this update, we hope you love how we’ve combed the game looking for areas to improve and found as many as we can. Of course there will be many more updates to the UI in the future, but there is quite a lot here for one patch! There are many more updates to share with you, but we’ll talk about them over the next few days.
Source: Playdom 

This below picture hacked by Norb Wide

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Marvel Avengers Alliance: Producer's Notes on Season 2 Part ii
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Producer's Notes on Season 2 Part III
Marvel Avengers Alliance: Producer's Notes on Season 2 Part IV

Marvel Avengers Alliance Season 2: Sneak Peek! You're up for a challenge!

Marvel Avengers Alliance Season 2

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Marvel Avengers Alliance Season 2 Notes

  • Season 2 was announced to be released at June 18, 2013 but was delayed to make more fixes to the game.
  • Marvel XP's Facebook page however, has announced that Season 2 will start within July.
  • A teaser Image was released on Marvel's official website, hinting at the upcoming content of Season 2.
  • More teaser Images were released at June 18, 2013. Images show sprites for Sugar Man and Selene as well as how the tabs will look at the Mission page, and how new features will look in Missions.
  • Selene and Sugar Man will debut in Season 2 Chapter 1.
  • Season 2 can be unlocked by finishing Season 1's Chapter 1 Mission 4.
  • Season 2 is confirmed to have 12 chapters, and have only chapter 1 at release.
  • Justin Woods confirmed at the SDCC 2013 that, instead of golden weapons, players will recieve alternate uniforms for heroes.
the Circle of 8 in Season 2

Dear Fans,
While the launch of Season 2 will be coming very soon, we need a bit more time to get it ready. We decided to add a couple more features at the last moment that we think will make it a great experience. As stated before, you won’t lose your heroes or any progress in the game. Season 2: Chapter 1 may be started once you’ve completed the MODOK fight in Season 1: Mission 4. You may use all of the heroes you currently own. Think of it as an additional chapter that is on a new tab (see here) to separate it because it has a new story and new gameplay. But it’s not a “restart” in any way.
Here’s a look at how the tabs are arranged along with some other improvements to the UI (such as a scrollbar for tasks and moving all of the mission-level info (like leaderboards, loot, and epic boss locations [new]) under the new “Mission Info” button. Here you see the Season 1 tab, with the Chapter 1 you all are familiar with. We’d love to show you the Season 2 tab, but we’re not quite ready to show it yet, as it would spoil the surprise! Let’s just say that Chapter Mastery is about to become a lot more fun.

Below is one of the new events in Season 2. What do you think the agent will incur here?
new events in Season 2

Here is another heroic new event seen in Season 2. Hopefully your team is up for the challenge.
new events in Season 2

And here are some new Season 2 enemies you’ll see right away in Chapter 1:
Sugar ManSugar ManThe monstrous Sugar Man comes from an alternate reality where the mutant tyrant Apocalypse conquered North America. A slaver and geneticist, he performed hideous experiments in a Seattle prison camp before escaping to our world.

Selene – The Black QueenSelene – The Black QueenSelene Gallio can psionically drain the life force of others, rejuvenating herself and controlling her victim's mind. She has used this power to live for thousands of years, all the while cultivating her mastery of dark sorcery.

There’s a lot more to look forward to when Season 2 launches. We’re working really hard to get it to you guys as soon as we possibly can. There’s so much in this patch that it is taking just a little longer to get to you, but we think it will really be worth it. In fact, it will be our biggest patch since the launch of the game!
Thanks to everyone for playing MAA. We hope you enjoy these updates and we hope you’ll love Season 2.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Development Team

Source: Playdom


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