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Marvel Avengers Alliance: Season 2 Chapter 7 Heroic Battle Guide

Season 2 Chapter 7 Heroic Battle Reward: 
Season 2 Chapter 7 Heroic Battle
  • 1 / 3 / 5 Command Points
  • Random Isotope-8 (Tier and kind of Iso-8 depends on the Agent's Level)
  • Random Store and Premium Supplies (Tier and kind of Supply depends on the Agent's Level)
  • Challenge Points
  • Random Deploy Gear (Gear depends on the Agent's Level)

Mission   1 - Black Queen, Black Knight
Magik vs Bastion
Magik vs Baston

Hero Needed:  Magik
Enemy:  Bastion
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, Bloodshot Empowered Isotope-8, Indexing Empowered Isotope-8 

A battle with medium-low difficulty, there are two patterns for this battle, the easy one and the medium difficult one. In the easy pattern the battle starts with Omega Sentinel. switch to tactician and use Omega's L1 "Targeting Laser", Bastion's passive will make him change to Infiltrator and counter attacks (pay no mind to the counter). On your second action switch back to Scrapper and use L1 "Plasma Knife", which crits twice since bastion is now Infiltrator and targeted. Stack some soul charges with Magik's L1 "Soul Sword", which crits twice. By this point bastion should start a dialogue, add some shield and do one attack, disregard his low damage. Now finish him off by spamming Omega's L1, that ignores his shield. If he survived Omega's turn use Magik's L6 to bypass his shield and you're done.

The alternate pattern is when Magik goes first, the strategy is to minimize the benefit Bastion receives from class changes. Have Omega Sentinel buff your team with her L6 moves, while having Magik use her L9 to give Bastion stat debuffs via Pressure Points. Once Karima has given the team Strengthened, Agile and Fortified, have her switch to using direct attacks in her Scrapper form. Once Magik has used her L9 twice, she should use her L6, after this Bastion should be near death.

Mission   2 - Mysteries Abound
 Black Cat VS Hammerhead
 Black Cat VS Hammerhead

Hero Needed:  Black Cat 
Enemy:  Hammerhead
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, Startling Empowered Isotope-8
This battle is not really difficult, but can be challenging without Black Cat's alternate outfit, especially the Scrapper version.

In this battle, Black Cat has a new passive buff called Light-fingered, which will give her the chance to steal items from her enemy. This means that after attacking Hammerhead, he will get the Stolen Ammo debuff, therefore being unable to use his gun, so he'll call a Maggia Hitman that'll give him some more, along with a Maggia Assassin. Notice that the two goons have a passive debuff called Superstitious, which means that attacking with Unlucky Strike will make them fail their next attack.

The strategy is rather simple: pump Black Cat's defense and health, then focus on Hammerhead with the usual attack sequence (some stacks of Bleeding, Stroke of Luck and Nerve Chop). The goons should present little challenge: attack them especially with Unlucky Strike. If the Maggia Hitman is killed, Hammerhead will be unable to regain ammunition and therefore will be incapable of attacking, so he should be targeted first. 

Mission  3 - Savage
Hank Pym & Beast VS. Alpha Predator,Elder & Skulker
Hank Pym & Beast VS. Alpha Predator,Elder & Skulker

Hero Needed:  Hank Pym, Beast 
Enemy:  Alpha Predator,Elder & Skulker
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, Diminutive Empowered Pacifying Empowered Isotope-8
This battle is really easy with both Beast and Pym at level 9. The trick is to last at least three rounds until the Smartest Man in the Room passive allows for Guaranteed Crit and Ignore Defense, while damaging the three enemies 'til 50% health and below. Then just hit the Iso-saurs with Pym's Level 9 to kill them all at the same time. If you kill two Iso-Saurs the one left standing will summon reinforcements on its turn so make sure to kill it before it takes its turn or kill the last two or all three at once with Hank Pym's lvl 6 or lvl 9.

The battle is probably somewhat easier if you use Beast's Pestilence alt. Pestilence greatly reduces the damage you will take from enemy DoTs and his mere presence will prevent the Elder from applying Potential Unleashed to the enemies. 

Mission  4 - Many Heads
Valkyrie, Heimdall VS Kurse, Malekth
Valkyrie, Heimdall VS Kurse, Malekth

Hero Needed:  Valkyrie, Heimdall
Enemy:   Kurse, Malekth
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, Halting Empowered Isotope-8, Unwavering Empowered Isotope-8 
It is imperative that you do not use Heimdall's L9 on the first turn, unless Malekith has already had his turn. Malekith opens with Svaltalfheim Portal, changing the battle bg, buffing Kurse and Malekith himself similarly to how Heimdall's L9 does, but worse, debuffing Valkyrie and Heimdall with the respective opposite version. Heimdall's L9 is needed to turn the tide of battle back to your favor. It will also remove the stat buffs from Kurse and Malekith by applying Neutralized to them.

Heimdall's L1 is likely to be your main damage-dealing move, but use his L6 beforehand, as well as Valkyrie's L9, to apply helpful debuffs on the enemies. Valkyrie's L2 should be used to make sure your heroes recover health when Kurse is killed.  Deathwatch from Valkyrie's L6 is a little questionable, given that Kurse has an attack with Fatal Blow that will keep Deathwatch from triggering, but it's fair game if Malekith happens to be the one to land that killing blow to a hero and activates it. Bring healing E-ISOs and equip A-ISOs as you see fit. 

Mission 5 - But One Immortal 
Doctor Voodoo VS. Loa Possessed
Doctor Voodoo VS. Loa Possessed

Hero Needed:  Doctor Voodoo
Enemy:  Loa Possessed
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, Spiritual Empowered Isotope-8
This battle is rather easy. Give Dr.Voodoo Recovering Empowered Iso-8 (and if you can, Resonant Empowered Iso-8 as well). Then use Vodoun Crows, followed by Doom Curse on one of the enemy with high health, then keep swapping between Crows and Recharge. You just have to wait for the DoTs to take the opponents out. If you have Voodoo's A-Iso that makes Vodoun Crows a quick action, you can use it and Terron Attack spell in the same turn for even more damage. Terron is doubly useful as it gets rid of the stat buffs that the enemies like to use on themselves.

The difficulty lies in that you cannot see the enemies' "real" health, because outright damaging (as in not DoT damage) them beyond a certain point is seen as "killing the innocent" and causes you to lose the battle. You can hover over the enemies and see their initial stats instead of the health bar at the bottom right of the screen to make a mental note of what your damage cap should be. DoT does not damage this "real health" and is the main means for defeating the "Loa" without killing the human enemies. Doom does not trigger even if the enemies attack, so you have to wait until it expires normally, making for a long battle if you want to play it safe. It's advised to take out the Hunter first given his DoT debuffs that drain your health and stamina and might even Stun you. The healing E-ISOs are a must. 

Mission  6-Explosive Events
Black Knight VS. Sebastain Shaw

Hero Needed:  Black Knight
Enemy:  Sebastain Shaw 
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, Shielding Empowered Isotope-8 
The main problem in this battle is that sometimes the Hellfire grunts will perform the frag grenade attack dealing both  Burning and  Bleeding to Black Knight, therefore he will lose a considerable amount of health each round. This added with the fact that Sebastian Shaw's passives Imperial Guard and Kinetic Absorption means he takes significantly reduced damage and deals more respectively makes this battle difficult. To make this battle easier, equip the Recovering EISO on Black Knight, which grants the Soothing Rest passive, which gives him extra health should he recharge. Stay in Chivalrous Duty all the time and pray the counter kicks in, always open the battle with Black Knight's level 9 ability Valinor, as it is a stealthy attack and can apply Bleeding,Intimidated and Cornered.

Alternate Strategy: An alternative method is to try and end the battle quickly before Sebastian Shaw gets too many stacks of Energy Reserves. Make sure Black Knight is at least level 9 and equip the Recovering EISO. Start the battle with Black Knight's L9 and when he gets Tactical Maneuvers, use his L1 to go into Blood Curse mode. He has a higher chance of following up on bleeding enemies than he does countering and absorbing their attacks. With this, you should be able to take out both Blasters quickly to stop them from applying Burning and Bleeding. Once the Blasters are out of the way, alternate between using Cursed Blade, Valinor and recharging. With the follow-ups and bleed damage, you should be able to take out Shaw before he gets too powerful. If Shaw manages to get 10 or more stacks of Energy Reserves, switch to Chivalrous Duty mode and use Black Knight's L6 Hermorrhage Shaw since this will be the best way to damage him at that point. A Quick E-ISO will help out with this. 

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Season 2 Chapter 6 Heroic Battle Guide

Season 2 Chapter 6 Heroic Battle Reward: 
Season 2 Chapter 6 Heroic Battle
  • 1 / 3 / 5 Command Points
  • Random Isotope-8 (Tier and kind of Iso-8 depends on the Agent's Level)
  • Random Store and Premium Supplies (Tier and kind of Supply depends on the Agent's Level)
  • Challenge Points
  • Random Deploy Gear (Gear depends on the Agent's Level)
Mission 1 - Unknown Intel
Captain America & Falcon VS Baron Zemo, Baron Strucker & Viper
Captain America & Falcon VS Baron Zemo, Baron Strucker & Viper
Hero Needed: Captain America & Falcon 
Enemy:  Baron Zemo, Baron Strucker & Viper
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, Leading Empowered Isotope-8, Swooping Empowered Isotope-8
This battle features the legendary Cap-Falcon duo against three HYDRA leaders: Zemo, Strucker and Viper. As always, using an alternate outfit for Captain America will make the battle easier: the best one for this battle is the Scrapper Captain Steve Rogers alt. All three bosses have a unique passive debuff called  Caught Off-guard, which will allow you to Stun them with almost 100% chance. Equip the Surprising Empowered Isotope-8 on Captain America and use Shield Throw to stun all three bosses.

The main threat in this fight are the  Bleeding debuff dealt by Baron Zemo and the Poisoned one dealt by Viper: stun Viper with Falcon's Dive Bomber while tanking with Cap, and repeat this battle setup every possibile time. Using Falcon's Sky-High is also a good idea. Try to dispose of Viper first, and attack Zemo every time he starts concentrating to prevent him from using  The Baron's Mark, which applies Generalized other than the homonymous debuff.

If you're using the Captain Steve Rogers alt, the battle will be different: you can't obviously tank but you can  Depower Zemo and/or Viper, preventing them from dealing their dangerous debuffs.

Additionally, if you already have Falcon recruited and at least at level 9, you can equip the Surprising Empowered Isotope-8 on him instead. Then simply use his level 9 attack to stun all enemies, then the level 2 on the second turn to counter attacks in the next round. repeat until all Hydra is defeated. 

Mission 2 - Ancient Knight
Ghost Rider VS Mephisto
Ghost Rider VS Mephisto

Hero Needed: Ghost Rider
Enemy: Mephisto
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, Tenacious Empowered Isotope-8
This fight is complicated due to needing to carefully choose when to strike each foe. You need to KO each of the two Meretrix before Mephisto or he will KO them to restore his HP to full. However, the Meretrixes will often use Temptation to give themselves Hell Hath No Fury which will probably KO you if you hit them with a regular attack. However, they cannot counter Psychic attacks, thus you are safe to use Penance Stare on them at any time. Also, using Highway to Hell on Mephisto will apply  Soulfire to the Meretrixes without triggering a counter attack.

Gaining stacks of Vengeance is probably best saved for when you are attempting to KO Mephisto as it will be removed each time Mephisto uses Sear.

This fight is extremely easy for a L9 Ghost Rider. Give Ghost Rider the Soothing Rest Empowered Iso-8. For the first two rounds, Mephisto will use Binding Contract on each Meretrix(one for each round) which will apply 4 Sin to them. Once it's Ghost Rider's turn, use his L9 move Burn Out which will give Ghost Rider X stacks of Spirit of Vengeance(X=total # of Sin on all enemies) which will increase his attack. Since Burn Out is a Quick Action you will get another attack. Use Ghost Rider's L2 move Penance Stare to take out the Meretrix with Sin on it. Penance Stare is a psychic attack and shouldn't trigger Temptation. For the next two rounds use Soothing Rest to keep Ghost Rider's health up while Penance Stare recharges. Once it does use it on the second Meretrix. Mephisto shouldn't have any stacks of Sin so Penance Stare would be very ineffective at this time. Keep using Soothing Rest each round and then Burn Out whenever possible. Since the both Meretrix are defeated Mephisto will start to get Sin when he attacks. Once he's reached 4 or 5 Sin use Penance Stare to defeat him. 
Mission 3: Dark Complications
War Machine VS Ares
War Machine VS Ares

Hero Needed: War Machine
Enemy: Ares
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear,Tactical Empowered Isotope-8, Desperate Empowered Isotope-8
This battle is a 1-on-1 between War Machine and Ares, and it's pretty easy. The most important stats to buff are War Machine's Health and Attack.

Ares will often take the first turn, and his actions are pretty random: the only thing to be careful about is Ares' Art of War, which could be dangerous if used too many times. War Machine should only spam his Repulsor Ray, using   Overcharge when low on Stamina and then keep spamming. If Rhodey is well ISO'd, Ares should fall in a few turns.

Obviously, using an alternate outfit will make things easier. If you're using the Iron Patriot alt (especially the Blaster version) a double/triple 21 Gun Salute, each one with a  Radiation Exposure, will put Ares in serious trouble from the first turn. The Original War Machine alt, anyway, will allow you to use the Overcharge from the beginning (since it does not empty Stamina, with this outfit), and obviously the  Wild Blue Yonder will allow you to defeat Ares even faster.

A alternate method with the Iron Patriot suit is to start with 21-Gun salute(no overcharge just normal) this should put 1 to 2 stacks of Radiation Exposure on Ares. Next turn use Overcharge and Repulsor Ray. In the Iron Patriot suit they give Target Focus and Lock-On and exploit Radiation Exposure and Ares has at least 1 or 2 stacks on him using this method and with the guarnteed crits from Overcharge Ares will fall in two turns in Rhodey is Iso'ed right. 

Mission 4: Harvester of Souls
 Daimon Hellstrom VS Satana
 Daimon Hellstrom VS Satana

Hero Needed:  Daimon Hellstrom
Enemy: Satana
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, Hellacious Empowered Isotope-8, Enticing Empowered Isotope-8
This is another 1-on-1 battle, this time between the infernal siblings Daimon and Satana. Daimon Hellstrom has a unique passive called Purifier, which allows him to remove his debuffs with  Purifying Flames. This is actually more a threat than a help, since using Purifying Flames will remove even   Burning and Dark Void from Daimon.

The battle should begin right with Purifying Flames, which will allow Hellstrom to regenerate his health for several turns, then using Cloaked in Shadows and spam From Hell's Heart whenever possible, using Purifying Flames whenever needed. Watch out anyway, because when Satana will be low on health she'll try to cure herself: hit her whenever possible with Daimon's La Petite Mort, keeping her underDespair and she'll fall pretty quickly. 

Mission 5: Clash of Titans
Punisher VS The Hood
Punisher VS The Hood

Hero Needed: Punisher
Enemy: Inves, The Hood & Tetrabrach
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear,Prepared Empowered Isotope-8
In this fight Punisher battles The Hood with a Blaster Demon who can apply Burning and will attack with a suicide blast before he dies and a Scrapper Demon who will apply Pummeled to Punisher.

This battle can be tricky but can be made a lot easier with a few pieces of gear. First is the Cleansing EISO, which can remove a debuff each turn. This EISO was almost mandatory for finishing Mockingbird's Heroic Battle so if you have completed that fight there is a good chance you bought it to assist with that battle, if you have it give it to Punisher for this fight. This can become mandatory as the blaster demon in the fight can apply Burning to Punisher and the Scrapper demon can apply Pummeled, both are very bad for this fight and removing them is mandatory. The second it Punisher's Fatal Fender AISO, which gives Brutal Strike to Battle Van (don't give Punisher the Loaded AISO, since it gives a cooldown to Walking Armory). This battle is about turn order and luck. If Punisher goes first (and hope he does) fire off the van right away. With the Fatal Fender AISO and Punisher properly ISO'ed this should take out both of the minions right away, making the fight much easier: the Hood's minions don't have much Health or Defense, so it is quite easy to do this. If you don't have the AISO it can still be done, just much harder. Punisher will need a good amount of Evasion and the first target should be the Blaster, to avoid his Burning debuff. Switch to Tact first and take him out: it should go out in one turn; he will then perform a suicide attack, but it shouldn't cause any long term problems. Next target is the Scrapper Demon: switch to Brusier and use the minigun until the demon falls. This will also grant the Enraged bonus to Punisher, making the Hood fall much faster.

When it is down to The Hood he'll use a new ability called Dark Metamorphosis, which will change his class at the start of his turn (often Tactician). Simply switch to the counter-class and attack him with Punisher's lv1, and Hood should fall in no time. Due to the potential of having so many class benefits mixed up from constant switching class, Hood should pose no real issue. Depending on when you get your first turn will determine how well this fight will go. The sooner you get your first move, the better your odds are of winning. If all three go before you your chances of winning are slim.

The alternative strategy is to focus on the Hood. The Cleansing Empowered ISO-8 will still be handy. When it's Punisher's turn, switch to Tact and throw Proximity Grenade on the Blaster Demon, giving yourself an extra turn. After that, switch to Scrapper and throws grenade on the Hood. Try to remain Scrapper because it counters all attacks (note that every ranged attack will be countered with Trap Grenade, which has a chance to Stun), except when the Hood is Bruiser: in this case switch to Blaster and use the Migrant. 

Mission 6: Fourth Wall
Luke Cage, Iron Fist VS Hammerhead
Luke Cage, Iron Fist VS Hammerhead

Hero Needed: Luke Cage, Iron Fist
Enemy: Hammerhead
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, Cracking Empowered Isotope-8, Heartfelt Empowered Isotope-8
This battle should require Iron Fist to be at least at level 9 and Luke Cage at least at level 2, but at level 6 it makes the battle easier. First, you need Iron Fist to use K'un L'un Combo on one of the Maggia, then Luke Cage should use Bodyguard, then Brawl on the other. If you get Luke Cage first, attack one of the Maggia, then with Iron Fist aim for the same Maggia that protected from Luke Cage, which will make the other Maggia protect that attack. That should make Luke cage counter alot. Then Iron Fist should attack the Maggia without Cornered with K'un L'un Combo. Luke Cage should then use Bodyguard and Brawl on Hammerhead (make sure to use Bodyguard every round): since Luke Cage will take pratically all of the enemies' attacks, be sure to use Iron Fist's Healing Chi on him whenever needed (also useful to remove the dangerous  Iso-8 Corruption debuff dealt by Hammerhead). Once the Maggia are gone, the battle is easy from there: Hammerhead, due to his passive, has to be finished off with either Luke Cage's L2 move (which has Brutal Strike, now) or Heroic Age Iron Fist's L1 after activating Hidden Potential.The key to winning this is to take out both Maggia Hitman then let Hammerhead take out Iron Fist, otherwise Hammerhead will survive every attack. While Hammerhead is taking out Iron Fist, make sure that Luke Cage's health stays up by healing him with Iron Fist's L6. Once Iron Fist has been defeated, hit Hammerhead with a L2.

Obviously Heroic Age Iron Fist's alt will make the battle easier, but it is recommended using the same strategy even with the alternate outfit. The Bruiser variant being the obvious choice but it won't be necessary as this fight is pretty simple with or without this suit. If all three enemies have Combo Setup on them Luke Cage alone can win this fight with counters from bodyguard and Iron Fist's only real duty is to heal him. 

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Season 2 Chapter 5 Heroic Battle Guide

Season 2 Chapter 5 Heroic Battle Reward: 
Season 2 Chapter 5 Heroic Battle
  • 1 / 3 / 5 Command Points
  • Random Isotope-8 (Tier and kind of Iso-8 depends on the Agent's Level)
  • Random Store and Premium Supplies (Tier and kind of Supply depends on the Agent's Level)
  • Challenge Points
  • Random Deploy Gear (Gear depends on the Agent's Level)

Mission 1 - Tech Up
Tigra, Thundra & She-Hulk VS Bulldozer, Thunderball, Piledriver & Wrecker
Heroic Battle Chapter 5 Misssion 1

Hero Needed: Tigra, Thundra & She-Hulk
Enemy: Bulldozer, Thunderball, Piledriver & Wrecker
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, Predatory Empowered Isotope-8, Resolute Empowered Isotope-8, Furious Empowered Isotope-8
Despite the presence of She-Hulk, the first wave is not difficult. Thunderball will take two turns per action and Bulldozer one, and they'll attack often dealing Weakened, Slowed, Exposed and Dizzy (some of their attacks have Paragon Exploiter too). The best way to fight is to use the She-Hulk's and Thundra's stunning attacks as much often as possible (Thundra should use Rolling Thunder every other time, in order to have a chance to remove Thunderball's debuffs thanks to the Rising Up effect), while Tigra should fight with her proper setup (Swipe-Frenzy, Swipe-Tiger's Fury, Swipe-Razor Claws etc.).

The second wave features Piledriver and the Wrecker: this is the battle's real enemy, since he's Relentless, his attacks and Piledriver's can deal stat-reducing debuffs,s and his Crowbar of the Gods attacks has Paragon Exploiter (never attack him with Tigra). This is the moment to pump Thundra's Perfect Storm, while Tigra and She-Hulk should focus their attentions on the Piledriver: if Thundra is properly buffed and the Wrecker properly debuffed, even a single Perfect Storm should kill him with ease. 

Mission 2 - Grudge Match
Kitty Pryde VS X23
Heroic Battle Chapter 5 Misssion 2
Hero Needed: Kitty Pryde
Enemy: X23
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear,  Draconian Empowered Isotope-8
In this battle, Hydra made X-23 gone berserk with a massive amount of trigger scent... and Kitty Pryde will fix things up. As for almost every Heroic Battle, having Kitty's Shadowcat alternate outfit (obviously not the Scrapper version) will make things easier. Remember to put a lot of ISO-8 on the girl's health, plus on evasion and attack.

If Kitty wears her default outfit, she should begin the battle with Call Lockeed: Burning damage will pratically negate her Healing Factor (already weakened by her   Corrupted Scent debuff), and reduce her defense. X-23 will then give herself a Bloodhaze effect, which means only one thing: Kitty should use Phased Attack, because in the next turn the adamantium girl will use her powerful Made for Walking, which will be completely avoided by being Phased. After that, X-23 will start using her other attacks, based on the Bleeding debuff: the best thing to do is then exploiting the Phased status with a powerful Sneak Attack, then using Shadow Kick to reduce enemy's defense, restarting then the sequence (Phased Attack - Call Lockeed - Sneak Attack - Shadow Kick - Phased Attack etc.).

With the Shadowcat costume, things to do are a bit different: Kitty should always open with Call Lockeed, but since she's Phased from the beginning it'll be necessary to use Sneak Attack on the second turn (instead of the third), taking the damage of X-23's Made for Walking. Things will anyway be easier because of Kitty's Strike From the Shadows ability, and after this first turns the attack sequence remains the same. 

Mission 3 - Up a Tree
Thing, Human Torch & Invisible Woman VS Vapor, Xray, Ironclad & Vector
Heroic Battle Chapter 5 Misssion 3
Hero Needed: Thing, Human Torch & Invisible
Enemy: Vapor, Xray, Ironclad & Vector
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, Empowered Isotope-8
This battle requires an Invisible Woman at least at level 9 to be won, with the other two heroes at least at level 2. Alternate costumes, as always, can make the battle a lot easier.

In this battle between the "true" and the "fake" Fantastic Four Susan, Johnny and Ben will face three of the U-Foes. Each one of them will start buffing him with a unique effect:
  • Vapor will use Misty Enhancement, becoming immune to melee attacks but vulnerable to fire, energy and explosions;
  • X-Ray will use Pulsing Enhancement, giving a Radiation Exposure effect to all of his attacks, but taking damage to the Invisible Woman's Force Cage;
  • Ironclad will use Harden Enhancement, reducing damage of ranged attacks, but becoming vulnerable to melee attacks. 
This buffs are also the enemies' main weakness: as you can guess, Susan should constantly use Force Cage on X-Ray, making him lose his turns and take great amounts of damage; Johnny should apply Burning to Vapor and then hit her with Fireball; lastly, Ben should use Stonewall whenever possible, punching Ironclad whenever an extra turn is gained.

On the second wave, Vector will make his entrance and buff himself with Kinetic Enhancement, reducing damage from melee and ranged attacks, applying Radiation Exposure to the Fantastic Four at every round... and being vulnerable to Force Cage. 

Mission 4 - Cleaning House
Havok & Bishop VS the Living Pharaoh
Hero Needed: Havok & Bishop 
Enemy: the Living Pharaoh
Potential Gear Reward: 
The Pharoah has a buff that will cause him to gain power if hit by Plasma Wave, also, Plasma Wave does no damage to him in this fight. So avoid using it. Havok's first move should be to use Shattering Punch on the Pharoah. You need to keep Shield Breaker on the Pharoah or the fight will be a lot more difficult. Bishop's role is to do as much damage to the Pharoah as he can. Any method works as the Pharoah has no counters to Bishop's moves, and the Pharoah will usually give Bishop an energy charge each turn. 

Mission 5 - Enchanted
Fantomex,Psylocke & Spiral vs. Sugarman
Fantomex,Psylocke & Spiral vs. Sugarman

Hero Needed: Fantomex,Psylocke & Spiral 
Enemy:  Sugarman
Potential Gear Reward: 

Two In-Delta will always go first. Each of them will take two turns. One of them will be attack on Fantomex. Second In-Delta will give Fumbling on any of the Allies. If an attack is Stealthy, Fumbling can cause a counter-attack!
If Fantomex has Fumbling applied to him, all of his attacks will cause a Counter-Attack. It might be a good idea to just Recharge.
If Fantomex does not have Fumbling applied to him, use Fantôme on an enemy who ALREADY has Combat Reflexes, in order to not apply Combat Reflexes to an enemy so that the allies can target that particular enemy.
If Spiral has Fumbling appplied to her, just use Macabre Fandango because it is a subtle Area of Effect and will not provoke a Counter-Attack.
If Spiral does not have Fumbling applied to her, pick one opponent and use Flashbolt on an enemy who does not have Combat Reflexes. This will make sure that enemy can no longer apply Debuffs and set her up with Dance Magic Dance the next round and she can Buff all Allies and Debuff all enemies. Time Spiral may also work, as it sets up another Subtle Area of Effect attack.
If Psylocke has Fumbling applied to her, use Mental Coordination to boost stats and coordinate attacks.
If Psylocke does not have Fumbling applied to her, use Telekinetic Katana on an enemy who does not have Combat Reflexes.
Keep a similar strategy through each round. Just remember to be patient, your goal here to is avoid Counter-Attacks and strike with Stealthy/Subtle attacks when possible.

Premium  Mission 6 - Deific Inadequacy
Red Hulk vs. Hulk
Red Hulk vs. Hulk

Hero Needed: Red Hulk
Enemy: Hulk
Potential Gear Reward: 
Red Hulk has to be level 6 to win this. In this battle it's Hulk vs Red Hulk, and Hulk has 2 turns each round. After gaining a few stacks of Heat, Hulk will use Thunder Clap (renamed cool off in this battle) and take away a fair amount of heat. It is very difficult to win just by punching Hulk since he gets stronger while you don't. The easier way would be to keep using Bulwark, which will regenerate your health, drain Hulk's and prevent losing heat. After a while, when you get up to 90%, use Bunker Buster and the battle should be won 

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Season 2 Chapter 4 Heroic Battle Guide

Season 2 Chapter 4 Heroic Battle Reward: 
Heroic Battle
  • 1 / 3 / 5 Command Points
  • Random Isotope-8 (Tier and kind of Iso-8 depends on the Agent's Level)
  • Random Store and Premium Supplies (Tier and kind of Supply depends on the Agent's Level)
  • Challenge Points
  • Random Deploy Gear (Gear depends on the Agent's Level)

Mission 1 - Splintering Cells

Emma Frost Vs Mystique & Blob Heroic Battle

Emma Frost Vs Mystique & Blob Heroic Battle
Hero Needed: Emma Frost
Enemy: Blob & Mystique
Allies: Magneto
Potential Gear Reward: Fluxing Empowered Iso-8, Eternal Empowered Iso-8
It requires strategic planning to defeat Blob & Mystique. 
Firstly, both heroes in this battle are Tacticians while Mystique is an infiltrator. As such, she will always counter non-Psychic attacks. Secondly, she gets a lot of free turns by using Iso-8 Enhancement on her first turn (note: this will remove Mental Anguish without harming her); however, the secret to winning is actually using her many free attacks against her. Blob will protect her with a passive version of Immovable Object. Notice that, due to Mystique's Zeal of the Brotherhood ability, Blob regains all of his Health at every turn and cannot be K.O.'ed; however, Mystique's own version of the passive means defeating her will also defeat Blob.

The first time Magneto attacks Blob, a scene will appear where Magneto politely asks Blob to get out of the way, and Emma says she'll "handle him," after which, Blob will gain a passive that makes him susceptible to Mental Anguish. Hit Blob with Psychic Tap. He will lose Immovable Object and gain the Brainwashed debuff which will force him to attack Mystique whenever she attacks (which is often).

From this point, focus your attacks on Mystique. As her attacks cause Weak Point, hit her with Electromagnetic Blast as soon as you can, as Magnetized prevents critical hits. Use Unlock Potential sparingly; as a Quick Action, it will not consume a turn, like Magnetic Field (without the Quick E-ISO). However it may be needed to remove debuffs which are having a negative impact on your ability to dish out damage, or restore Stamina without wasting turns resting. Unless you have the Quick E-ISO equipped on it, Magnetic Field is a low priority and a wasted turn. As Stunned targets cannot counter, your try to stun Mystique with your heroes respective stunning attacks, and gain a free attack with the next character if the turn order allows.

Blob will continue to attack Mystique every time she attacks for several rounds. He will also continue to attack you during his turn as normal. Ignore him; focus on Mystique. Once Mystique is defeated, Blob will be also. Good luck! 

Mission 2 - Heated Negotiations

Hulk Vs Abomination Heroic Battle 

Hulk Vs Abomination Heroic Battle
Hero Needed: Hulk
Enemy: Abomination
Potential Gear Reward: Thick Empowered Iso-8
A few rounds in, Abomination will taunt you and you have the option to respond with "Banner" or "Hulk Smash!" If you choose "Banner", Abomination will go into suspended animation. If you choose "Hulk Smash!", you will regain the ability to gain Hulk Up and get 5 stacks of it. Abomination will then get damage boosts and free turns. Relentless Empowered Iso-8 is essential for this battle, as Hulk cannot afford to be stunned. 

Mission 3 - Tourist Trap

Sif Vs Enchantress Heroic Battle

Sif Vs Enchantress Heroic Battle
Hero Needed: Sif
Enemy: Enchantress 
Potential Gear Reward: Berserking Empowered Iso-8
With this battle, it's starting to show just how good Sif's Modern Alternate truly is. In order to dispatch the Enchantress quickly, Sif in her Modern outfit will crit every time she attacks. One of the major annoyances with this battle is Enchantress will be immune to bleed, removing Sif's best way to quickly dispatch her. Another annoyance is Enchantress constantly taunting Sif giving her a choice between ignoring her and getting into a rage. Choosing to rage gives Sif the Raging Barbarian debuff(?) which greatly increases her damage at the cost of her accuracy. You cannot afford to miss any attacks, so make sure to keep Raging Barbarian down to one by choosing to Ignore after attacking with Raging Barbarian on the previous turn. Finally, Enchantress will also be casting Magic Missile which is going to have the Chaos Shot effect and cause random DoT debuffs. The quickest way to get rid of her is to use Leaping Slash as it will inflict Tenderized and cause Amora to take more damage from Sif's other attacks. 

Mission 4 - Circular Speculations

 Colossus, Cyclops and Storm VS Dragoness, Avalanche & Toad

 Colossus, Cyclops and Storm VS Dragoness, Avalanche & Toad

Hero Needed: Colossus, Cyclops and Storm
Enemy: Dragoness, Avalanche & Toad
Potential Gear Reward: Commanding Empowered Iso-8, Decimating Empowered Iso-8 and Windy Empowered Iso-8

This battle is quite difficult, but if you have access to alternative uniform, it is quite easy to win. Every enemy has some special Brotherhood passives that can be annoying, mainly Toad's one (protection and counter effect), and Avalanche's one (gives extra turns in the same way Uncanny Cyclops does, but more often). The easiest way to deal with them is by not having the weak classes, so if you have the chance try using Scrapper Colossus and Blaster Cyclops.
First of all, Toad should your first target. To avoid his counter attacks, hit him with Cyclops's Exploit Weakness and then don't stop hitting him with the others, while using Storm for defensive duty (which means using Protective Shroud as soon as you can). As soon as you'll defeat him, Avalanche and Dragoness will get a buff, which gives them follow-up attacks pretty like Ares' War Never Changes. Just choose one of them and take him/her out: if you have Bruiser Colossus, Dragoness should be killed first, since she could be a serious trouble for him. Bear in mind that Dragoness's Mechanical Wings can be deactivated with Storm's Level 1 ability.
When you defeat one of them, the last one will take 4 actions in a round. Probably this will be Avalanche, so just use Colossus' Steel Curtain to defend the party.

Mission 5 - Lockdown

Captain Britain VS Crimson Cowl

Captain Britain VS Crimson Cowl

Hero Needed: Captain Britain
Enemy: Crimson Cowl
Potential Gear Reward: Knightly Empowered Iso-8
This battle is mostly about luck. Captain Britain will face two test subjects (Blaster and Scrapper) and Crimson Cowl (Infiltrator). Strange passives: Captain Britain has the White Knight passive, which gives True Strike to all his attacks when he has Roar of Valor. Also, he has the Gentleman debuff: with this, he loses Roar of Valor whenever he attacks Crimson Cowl. What's worse, the boss has an avoidance effect, and that's why True strike is needed.
Having to deal with a Scrapper is awesome: you'll get Enraged and so you'll take less damage from all the attacks, except the Blaster's ones. It means that the Blaster should be your first target. Hit him with L1 abitlity, so that he'll be weakened, but be careful, since with one attack he can drop your health to 30-40% making the battle a lot harder, especially if you're also poisoned (Blaster attack) or bleeding (CC). After defeating the blaster, focus your attacks on CC and for last the scrapper.
When you attack an enemy (anyone), hit him with L1 to cause weakened, and then L9 him to death in order to exploit debuffs.

Premium Mission 6: On the Prowl 

Mockingbird Vs Baron Zemo

Mockingbird Vs Baron Zemo

Hero Needed: Mockingbird
Enemy: Baron Zemo
Potential Gear Reward: Predictive Empowered Iso-8
First things first, purchase a Cleansing Empowered Iso-8 (20 gold) and equip it to Mockingbird. This battle is virtually impossible to win without it, as Zemo can inflict bleeding with both attacks and counter-attacks. However, with the Cleansing E-Iso, one debuff is removed at the beginning of every turn, and also preventing the damage caused by the stack of bleeding that is removed, drastically improving the chances of success.
The battle features Mockingbird in a two-on-one fight with Baron Zemo and one lackey. A strategy to winning is do not KO the lackey until Zemo is KO'ed first. This can prove difficult, seeing as the lackey will protect Zemo for the first three rounds. However, if you are lucky, you may get the first shot in on Zemo. Only do this if you or the Lackey went first: use MB's L6, then use her L2 on the lackey. If you're lucky enough to both stun the lackey and trigger an extra turn for MB, hit Zemo with her L1. He will counter with a bleeding, but that's not unexpected.
Keep an eye on the lackey's protect effect. Wait until it's gone, then hit Zemo with MB's L1 and hope for at least three effects from Pressure Points. Next turn, if MB has the Blaster bonus (from having been attacked by the Bruiser lackey), attack with her L9. If she doesn't have the Blaster bonus, use her L6 to apply Weak Point , and then use her L9. Repeat until Zemo is defeated, then turn your attention to the lackey. He shouldn't be any difficulty.
Note: if the lackey is defeated before Zemo, two more will take his place; another Bruiser and a Tactician who can both protect Zemo with "Hail Hydra!" for a turn. It's harder to defeat Zemo first since you will be taking counters (and therefore stacking Bleeding a lot) and won't bypass protection, however if you are lucky enough, doing so will avoid facing 2 more goons.
Note2: Alternatively, you can kill the first lackey and use the tactician to your advantage, as you will now be able to get Combat Reflexes. This will allow you to counter attacks (causing damage to all enemies while still allowing you to recharge and heal if you equip the Recovering E-iso), bypass "Hail Hydra" and not be countered with Zemo's bleeding skill.
Note3: Regardless of the strategy you choose, you will still need a lot of luck.

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Season 2 Chapter 3 Heroic Battle Guide

Season 2 Chapter 3 Heroic Battle Reward: 
If players are successful from a Heroic Battle, players have a chance to get a reward in the form of a roulette. The rewards range from random consumable Supplies, Isotope-8 and Command Points. There are also chances for specific Gear rewards ranging from Deploy Reward Gear to Limited Edition and Special Operations-exclusive Gear.

  • 1 / 3 / 5 Command Points
  • Random Isotope-8 (Tier and kind of Iso-8 depends on the Agent's Level)
  • Random Store and Premium Supplies (Tier and kind of Supply depends on the Agent's Level)
  • Challenge Points
  • Random Deploy Gear (Gear depends on the Agent's Level)

Mission 1 - Shattered
Enemy: Dr. Doom Blaster + Dr. Doom Tactician
Heroes Required: Mr. Fantastic
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, Overclocked Empowered Iso-8
This battle is one of the moderatly difficult, especially because Mr. Fantastic is a rather weak character and he's alone against two rather strong enemies. Dr. Doom will act before his Doombot, attacking Reed and giving him an extra turn due to his Tactician class bonus: attack Dr. Doom with Stretch Punch dealing  Distraction to him (his Magic Bolt could be lethal). Fantastic should then use L9 Bifurcator on the Doombot to make him attack his master for a turn (the real Doom will then attack him with 1 Red Ring Imperial). When Dr. Doom gained Refocused attack him with is L2. If it gained Red Weak Point instead due the Mr. Fantastic passive use his L3, but don't forget to use Bifurcator when is unlocked.

Mission 2 - Gates of Hell
Enemy: Moonstone
Heroes Required: Ms. Marvel
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, Fixating Empowered Iso-8
This battle is easier than it seems. Moonstone is a Tactician, so she's got a class advantage against Ms. Marvel (unless you've bought her Bruiser alternate outfit), but all of her attacks aren't really powerful, and some of them are energy based. Just use Absorb Energy to get healed by Moonstone's energy attacks, use Kree Speed and attack her with both Brawl and Photon Blast, empowered by the Green Electromagnetic Energy and Green Kinetic Energy buffs. Stamina won't be a problem, since Ms. Marvel Green Hidden Potential will make her regain stamina from energy attacks.

Mission 3 - Capo Crimine

Enemy: Hydra, Bowman,Hydra 
Heroes Required: Hawkeye
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, Attentive Empowered Iso-8
This battle could be quite difficult, due to Bowman's class advantage and the fact that Hawkeye is alone against 3 enemies; it'll be best bring an hero with his Tactician Heroic Age alternate outfit. The first thing to do is marking one of the Pyros with Pinpoint Target, and attacking him, dealing all enemies a damage-over-time debuff; repeat the same for the other Pyro. When they're both defeated, Red pinpoint Bowman and start attacking him until he's dead: if Hawkeye is lucky enough to shoot an Impact Arrow, Bowman class bonus won't be a problem.

Mission 4 - Growing Pains
Enemy: Hellfire, Selene
Heroes Required: Phoenix
Potential Gear Reward: Deploy Drop Gear, Consuming Empowered Iso-8

Phoenix's turn comes randomly before or after the Hellfire Heavy: when her turn is before him Selene won't use Skia Thanatou move in the first turn. Selene's Skia Thanatou attack is a move who inflicts Stare of the Abyss and could kill Phoenix on her first turn. Or maybe not. For first, you start the battle with Psi-blast on Hellfire Heavy, next turn use Mind Link to him and Recharge. Selene will hit the Heavy and you regain HP. New turn. Use Telekinesis on Selene... she has a good chance of being stunned. Next, again Mind Link and Recharge. Next Telekinesis ect...

Sometimes, Hellfire Heavy dies first, and you have a 1-vs-1 with Selene. Don't panic. A good idea is Telekinesis-Recharge. You evade most attacks (expecially Skia Thanatou) and stun the Black Queen 50-75% of the time. When she's down to 5% health finish her with Psi-blast.

If you have Phoenix at level 13, try her with basic uniform, with the Surprising Empowered ISO-8 for the Sympathetic Empowered ISO-8.

Mission 5 - Techno Illogic

Enemy: Ultron
Heroes Required: Black Panther, Black Widow, Wasp
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear
The key in this battle is to manage counter-attacks effectively. Each of your characters has a unique counter-attack that will allow you to deal with the enemy's high health and more numerous attacks. Widow's counter is passive, giving you little control, but tends to leave Combo Setup and Marked for Revenge on enemies making excellent targets for Panther's Wakandan Arts. Wasp's counter requires opportunity debuffs (Effect Icon 009 Red Staggered, Distraction, Off-balance, Red Cornered, or Dizzy) active on their targets and does extra damage against Ultrons that have been hit by one of Panther's Vibranium attacks (L1 or L9). Panther's counter (and follow-up) requires some setup but will ultimately deal the most damage. His L9 is especially good at dealing with melee resistant Ultrons, his L2 does excellent damage against Widow's leftovers, and his L1 works well against range resistant Ultrons. If possible use Panther Stance at the beginning of the second wave to gain both counters and follow-ups for as long as possible. Keep Nimble on Wasp and Weakened on the Ultrons that act earliest while focusing down the one that acts last with Panther. Note that currently Wasp's L2 does not inflict Distraction, though it can be highly damaging. 

Mission 6 - Punishment

Enemy: Wave 1-Maggia Assasin*2 , Wave 2-Maggia captain, Maggia Bodyguard Scrappericon
Heroes Required: Black Cat, Spider-Man
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear,Tangled Empowered Iso-8, Lucky Empowered Iso-8
The easiest way to nail this one is by equipping Spiderman with his black suit and change his class to bruiser. From there, fairly straightforward, particularly in round 2, where the Maggia Bodyguard can do some nasty damage to Black Cat. 

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Season 2 Chapter 2 Heroic Battle Guide

What is Heroic Battle? 

Heroic Battle GuideA Heroic Battle is a type of encounter involving a story-based battle with specific Heroes. The Agent does not fight with the heroes in this combat, marking the first time that the Agent is not used in combat. Heroic Battles was introduced alongside Incursion on Story: Season 2 Chapter 2.
Heroic Battles can be found as an orange version of the Team page's Icon on the current Mission's Map. It costs 10 Energy to start a Heroic Battle. Players cannot initiate a Heroic Battle without having the required hero or heroes recruited. Heroic Battles are said to be challenging for low-level Heroes, as certain Hero Abilities help greatly in succeeding throughout the battle.

Heroic Battle Reward: 

If players are successful from a Heroic Battle, players have a chance to get a reward in the form of a roulette. The rewards range from random consumable Supplies, Isotope-8 and Command Points. There are also chances for specific Gear rewards ranging from Deploy Reward Gear to Limited Edition and Special Operations-exclusive Gear.

  • 1 / 3 / 5 Command Points
  • Random Isotope-8 (Tier and kind of Iso-8 depends on the Agent's Level)
  • Random Store and Premium Supplies (Tier and kind of Supply depends on the Agent's Level)
  • Challenge Points
  • Random Deploy Gear (Gear depends on the Agent's Level)

Mission 1 - Antiquity (Dr. Strange VS Dormammu)

Heroes Required: Dr. Strange
Tips: First of all its important to remember that Dr. Strange's Lv6 skill (Vapors of Valtor) puts "Dark Control" on the Minions as an extra bonus. So use that first chance you get to ALL ENEMIES. That will make the minions attack each other. In meanwhile spam Dr. Strange's Lv1 Skill on Dormammu. If Dr. Strange gets inflicted by de-buffs, use his Lv2 skill (Teresing Boost) to heal.

Mission 2 - Eight Fingers (Daredevil VS Bullseye)
Heroes Required: Daredevil 
Tips: On your first available chance, you Daredevil's Lv2 skill (Radar Sense) on yourself. This will cause Daredevil to sense all incoming attacks from Bullseye and he will counter them with his Lv1 skill (Billy Club). The trick is to use Daredevil's Lv6 skill (Snap Kick) and Lv9 skill (Manrikigusari) on Bullseye, which will cause Weekened and Exposed on him. Eventually cause of Daredevil's Radar Sense skill, he will dodge almost 80% of bullseye's attacks and counter every single hit.

Mission 3 - Foggy Vision (Captain America, Iron Man & Thor vs Militant, Hammer & Tactical Force)
Heroes Required: Captain America, Iron Man & Thor

Tips: This is a 3 round battle and since your agent is not fighting, you cannot use any healing items or distress call. Try to concentrate your buffs and attacks. Use Thor's Lv6 skill (Inspire Bravery) at the first available chance to give "Strengthened" to ALL ALLIES. That will help with this battle much faster, as you will be using Iron Man and Captain America to fight your way out of this. You can also use Iron Man's Lv2 skill (Missile Barrage) to inflict "Burning" to your enemies. His Lv6 skill (Deflector Shield) can also comes handy in this battle for any surprise attack. If you have Iron Man's Mk 42 Armor Suit, this battle would be more quicker (preferred but not required).  This is rather a normal fight, but low level players can have some difficulties. Make sure your heroes are leveled-up and got preferred ISO-8 equipped.

Mission 4 - The Sting (    Wolverine VS Deadpool (and Bob))
Heroes Required: Wolverine 
Tips: Most important thing is to eliminate Bob ASAP. He will protect Deadpool each turn. Bob will revive himself 3 times. Deadpool will not attack you while Bob is alive. Once you killed Bob 3 times, Deadpool will morph Bob to a Power Armor. Again, concentrate on the Armor. Once Power Armor is dead, use Wolverine's Lv1 (Adamantium Claws) and Lv2 (Berserker Frenzy) combo on Deadpool to finish him off. Wolverine's Passive skill (Healing Factor) is your strongest weapon in this Heroic Battle.

Mission 5 - Rehabilitation (    Spider-Man VS Green Goblin)
Heroes Required: Spider-Man

Tips: Cast Spider-Man's Lv2 skill (Spider-Sense) on yourself at the first available chance. Spider-Man with an Infiltrator suit will have a added advantage in this fight. Since he will counter attack every hit by Green Goblin. This is a pretty basis battle. Use Spider-Man's Lv1 skill (Web Shot) on Green Goblin, followed by his Lv6 skill (Web Slingshot) and Lv9 skill (Web Swing) to deal extra damage when Green Goblin is "Webbed".

Premium Mission: Rock Candy (Scarlet Witch + Quick Silver VS M-Series (RHO MK III, TAU KI III, SIGMA MK III))
Heroes Required: Scarlet Witch + Quick Silver 

Tips: This is pretty much a basic fighting battle. Your Quick Silver will get first chance in battle, use this opportunity to use his Lv1 skill (Blinding Punches), which is "Stealthy" and will also gives "Quickness" to Quick Silver". Collect a maximum of 5 "Quickless" and use his Lv6 skill (One Mile Punch) or Lv9 skill (Vortex Lariat), depending on the situation. Scarlet Witch can be used both as a defensive player as well as on offense. And you can do a mix of both defense and offense, depending on the situation. Try to concentrate one M-Series at a time, and this battle will be over in no time.


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Marvel Avengers Alliance: Season 2 Chapter 1 Heroic Battle Guide

What is Heroic Battle? 

Heroic Battle GuideA Heroic Battle is a type of encounter involving a story-based battle with specific Heroes. The Agent does not fight with the heroes in this combat, marking the first time that the Agent is not used in combat. Heroic Battles was introduced alongside Incursion on Story: Season 2 Chapter 1.
Heroic Battles can be found as an orange version of the Team page's Icon on the current Mission's Map. It costs 10 Energy to start a Heroic Battle. Players cannot initiate a Heroic Battle without having the required hero or heroes recruited. Heroic Battles are said to be challenging for low-level Heroes, as certain Hero Abilities help greatly in succeeding throughout the battle.

Heroic Battle Reward: 

If players are successful from a Heroic Battle, players have a chance to get a reward in the form of a roulette. The rewards range from random consumable Supplies, Isotope-8 and Command Points. There are also chances for specific Gear rewards ranging from Deploy Reward Gear to Limited Edition and Special Operations-exclusive Gear.

  • 1 / 3 / 5 Command Points
  • Random Isotope-8 (Tier and kind of Iso-8 depends on the Agent's Level)
  • Random Store and Premium Supplies (Tier and kind of Supply depends on the Agent's Level)
  • Challenge Points
  • Random Deploy Gear (Gear depends on the Agent's Level)
  • Nuclear Fuel Rod (Season 2 Chapter 1 - Mission 4)
  • Sonic Fist (Season 2 Chapter 1 - Mission 3)
  • The Exsanguinator (Season 2 Chapter 1 - Mission 2)
  • Thunder Strike (Season 2 Chapter 1 - Mission 5)

Mission 1 - Artificial Sweetener
Rogue and Gambit Heroic Battle Guide
Heroes Required: Rogue and Gambit
Tips: Rouge must be level 10 atleast. Gambit can be even lv 2. No problem.
First concentrate on one sentinel first use southern comfort with Rouge then use Gambit's 2nd attack which gives exposed on the same target as hit before.
Then in second turn use drain energy with Rouge on the enemy which you chose to kill. Kill him now with Rouge. Now use gambit's 2nd attack on 2nd sentinel and brawl him with Rouge they will die. Using this I didnt even get hit even once. Both Rouge and Gambit didnt even take a single hit point damage. Gambit dodged everything and Rouge got healed.

Mission 2 - Trans-Atlantic
Wolverine vs Sabretooth Heroic Battle
Heroes Required: Wolverine
Tips: Use 4x violent iso and 4x sturdy iso on Wolverine. Level 12 is recommended.
First Wave
First use 1st attack then second attack.
He will escape now in 2nd wave.
Second Wave
Use first attack then recharge with Wolverine.
Now use second attack. He will escape again.
Third Wave
First use first attack then second. Sabretooth will die.

Mission 3 - Sword in the Stone
Nightcrawler vs Mystique Heroic Battle
Heroes Required: Nightcrawler

Tips: Try to buy Nightcrawler's scrapper suit with which you can end the match in 2 minutes. Level 12 and 4x forceful 4x powerful isos on him go into match.
First give weakened then triple threat. Match will be over eventually.

Mission 4 - Vulture, MP
Spider-Woman vs Modok Heroic Battle Guide
Heroes Required: Spider-Woman
Tips: Spiderwoman must be lv 10. 4x powerful and 2x forceful isos on her.
First use fear feromones. Dont worry even if u have mental anguish. Blasters will heal you. Use venom blast on Modok. Till he dies only then activate the vengeance. Kill the rest .

Mission 5 - God Save the Queen
Hercules vs Thor Heroic Battle
Heroes Required: Hercules

Tips:  Hercules will get a new power for heroic battle which is "hit me".
U can activate it by recharging. First turn Thor uses inspire bravery. You must recharge then again recharge. Two stacks are enough now give him pankration pummel or rock of ages. One hit ko plus more than 40 thousand points. Task completed

Premium Mission: To Catch a Thief
Cable and Deadpool Heroic Battle GuideHeroes Required: Cable and Deadpool

Tips: Cable must be equipped with 4x steady and 2x stalwart. If lv 12 use 4x stalwart. I am just telling for those who have them at lv 10 or ll.

Deadpool must be equipped with 4 strong iso thats enough.
First Wave
First Iron Clad attacks and gets enraged 2x then use Deadpool's "FIRST ATTACK"
Second Wave
Use Cable's time shift. Use body slide 2 times Vapor dies. Now get into overdrive and keep using first attack on X-ray. He dies in 2 attacks and kill Deadpool with 1 attack since you didnt use any health or defence on him he is useless.


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Marvel Avengers Alliance Season 2 Chapter 1 Task List

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