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Marvel Avengers Alliance: How to Defeat Spec Op 24 Group Boss Surtur

How do I get the GB to show up? 
Go back into the first Spec Op mission. There will be an icon that says "Spawn Group Boss". Do that, then fight him.

Spec Op 24 Group Boss Surtur

Here is some strategy from different players how to defeat group boss Surtur: 

Strategy 1
This setup took 78% off a Blaster Group Boss.
Empowered Tactician Agent with Snappy Service, Reboot, Asgardian Tankard, Memento Mori and Gaunt Caress.
Fandral with Sympathetic and Reflexive Iso 8 and Hogun with Aggressive and Close E-Iso 8.
I've got generic free boosting A-Isos on Hogun's LVL 1 and 9, and the Rising iso on his lvl 6. Monomoculear blades on Fandrals lvl 1, gracious on 2 and 6, and pulverising on lvl 9. I didn't even use level 9 all through the fight.

Strategy 2
I used Wolverine and Fandral. My agent had the generalist suit which has the party time stamina boost thing (can't remember the suit name) and used quantum jumper, ironstar, chitter chatter box thing (causes flanked on a quick action), and quantum jumper. Similar results to the scrapper fight.

Strategy 3
HAIF + Iron Pepsi. Used Tact IP with the Ionizing A-iso on his lv 1 and lv 2. Use extra turns to build radiation and then use lv 9. Use HAIF's lv 6 to recharge his stamina to keep the rampaging going.

Strategy 1
I did 34% on my first attempt at Bruiser Surtur with Iron Man-Mk 42 and HAIF.

Strategy 2
If you have Blaster Deadpool, you're going to have fun. His lv 9, after being properly set up, did 30k per hit. Per Hit.

Strategy 1
Faced an infiltrator Surtur and managed to cut him down to 64% after first fight. Had Scrapper safeguard armor on with Close EISO equipped. Items: Psychic Amplifier, Staff of Asklepios, Bashenga's Blade, and custom S.A. Pincer. Used future foundation IW equipped with her EISO. Had AISO on her level 1 that increases damage. Used Sabretooth with his EISO equipped plus an Aggressive EISO on him. Also had AISOs equipped on his level 1& 2, the ones that gives you increase chance to crit.

Strategy 2
Use Sabretooth level 1. Follows up with another level 1. Level one again, and follows up with another level 1. (All in same round with Sabretooth) Next round with Sabretooth: Level 6, level 2, then he follows up with his level 1. IW: Alternate between her level 1 & 2. But start with her level 2 first. Managed to deal 36% damage on him before he fled......Without any damage done to my team & no debuffs on them either.

Strategy 3
Quicksilver and HAIF. Default QS works well if you use his A-ISo and the Aggressive I-sio. Pummeling him until 10x attacker and 5x quickness. Unleash a 20k lv 9 while HAIF uses lv 2 after he has prevent debuffs.

Strategy 1
It was a Scrapper one, and i faced him with Bruiser HIF and Iron-Man, not a big combo anymore, just lazy/brainless test to see what Surtur does. And even with that damage bonus from my Quick Actions (x5 or x7 i think) he wasn't a problem at all...

Strategy 2
I used bruiser Hybrid and Anti Venom. My agent had the bruiser safe guard suit on and used neurotrope, manvantara (causes opportunist debuffs), quantum jumper, and something else I can't remember (think it was the ironstar but the point is i didn't use it once). I got him down from 100% health to 38% before he escaped and i received just over 200,000 silver.

Strategy 3
Agent: Gen Empowered w/ Morale Boost, SoA, Staff of Ask, Coulson's Revenge and Hand of Apoc
Ares w/Defender and Guardian Gamora with Savant. Between War Never Changes and Cord attack, Gamora throws her Lv1 about once every other round. Ares Lv 6 then lv2 to keep Surtur from Healing. Surtur will clear random debuffs which will usually trigger Doom. If Surtur is under 30% Fatal Blow will trigger a 1% damage. DO NOT USE DEMISE (gamora's lv6) UNTIL THE LAST ROUND!!!! This prevents Doom from being reapplied, which is the best part of Surtur clearing and triggering it.

Strategy 1
Agent: Gen Empowered w/ Morale Boost, SoA, Staff of Ask, Coulson's Revenge and Hand of Apoc
Hogun with Generosity and O-fighter, Fandral with Generosity and Gift of the Bard. I switch Staff for Tankard for reasons. Fandral uses Lv9 to bleed Surtur and Lv2 to depower him. Once Hogun uses his Lv2, Fandral can use Lv1 to double hit him. Hogun keeps hitting w/ lv9 as O-fighter stacks. By the end Hogun is doing 5-6% damage in one hit and I knocked of 46% in one round.

Strategy 2
I've fought him once as a tactician. Didn't have much trouble. Used Gamora (thanks, amator) and Iron Fist. Took him down about 20% and he didn't manage to do much harm in return.

Strategy 3
Agent with safeguard inf suit, fist of colossus, cosmic cardinal, asgardian tankard and markman's spotter
Fandral with his eiso and lingering
Hogun with aggresive eiso and his eiso
Took 61% of his health.

Strategy 4
1)Fandral Level 14 (Monomolecular Blades + Pulverize Aiso on L9) Street Fighting EISO + Gift of The Bard
2)Black Cat(Level 11) basic costume, with Jinx Eiso.
Agent with basic Infiltrator suit (I have no empowered armors so no eisos), Combat Accelearion Program, Possessed Pistol, Instant Support, Power Gauntlet)
Result: I was able to pullout 56% of his health on my first try, not bad for my first Tactician Group Boss ever.

Strategy 5
I used an Inf protector Agent to absorb the blows and keep countering. I also used Inf Gamora to keep applying Doom. You won't be burning if you're using HAIF, however you can get off 2 dooms if you time it right, which is more than enough to get the lockbox.

More Tips from different players. If you have better strategy, then share with us. 
Gamora continues to be my go-to group boss killer. I've faced blaster, bruiser and scrapper Surtur now and each remove debuffs when attacked by a burning character. So he basically removes Doom from himself over and over again. Once he's under 30%, then start spamming fatal blows.

I'm using the same go-to team from Savage Land:
Gamora = she's made for boss whooping
Invisible Woman/Iron Fist = debuff prevention
Agent = WCD + T-glove + Kuzuri + Reboot

Scrapper Boss: HAIF and Nul Bruiser, inf agent. Nul is great here if below 30%
Inf Boss: HAIF and Nul scrapper. If boss is below 30% Nul will eat him alive with his lvl 1 pre counter and 2 hits being inf.
Tact/Bruiser: Gamora and Sprial
Blaster: Gamora and Steve Rogers Tac suit. Apply flanked with Steve Rogers and watch damage ensue.  

Special Operation 24 ( Spec Ops 24 ) Task List
Special Operation 24 ( Spec Ops 24 ) Mission Info
Special Operation 24 ( Spec Ops 24 ) Patch Note

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Best PVP Guide & Strategy: Team & Hero Tier List

Marvel Avengers ALliance PVP GUIDE
Agents, Here I described Marvel Avengers Alliance PVP Tier list, which hero you should buy and include to build a best pvp team combo. Hope this guide will be help you to make your pvp strategy strong.  You can read also our previous Marvel Avengers Alliance PVP Guide: Getting Into The Adamantium League (PVP team/Combo and Offence-Defence Method)



  • Immune to Emma (mental anguish/migrain/stun proof)
  • Hit'em,Smash'em,If Lucky stun'em 
  • Bane to Rescue --> use Mountain Crusher 
  • After the enemy use anglob -->Use 4th skill
  • Best partner for the Blue Suit QS

  • Psychic Tap -> Unlock Potential -> War Diamond
  • Cosmic Power makes her the best support hem in the game.
  • Also works as an Infiltrator.
  • Best character to fight off tanks, psychics, and ground attacks.
  • Magnetic Field -> press any button
  • Excels as both a healer and a A protector.
  • Flyby Attack the Blaster -> Reconstruction Matrix -> Protector Protocol
  • The bitch learned to control it. 
  • Wait for someone to die -> Phoenix Fire
  • Also works as an Infiltrator.
  • Full Overcharge and 21-Gun
  • Salute for when you're backed into a corner.
  • Best Bruiser in the game.
  • Stack debuffs -> Britannic
  • Great even without the alt costume bleed bonus.
  • Shadow Dance -> Triple Threat
  • Blinding Punches for every
  • First turn -> Vortex lariat -> One Mile Punch


  • Grey Suit gives Nat extra turns from Blasters and makes all of her attacks stealthy
  • Widowmaker -> Flying Kick
  • Missile Bombardment -> High Energy Laser
  • In a pinch, just Unibeam the shit out of the heavy hitter.
  • The best bang-for-your- CP hero. Tact Strange is fine too.
  • Vapors of Valtorr -> Bolts of Balthakk 3 Heal / another Bolt
  • Best if you're facing too many Snikbubs. 
  • Blades of Rage -> Made for Walking
  • Arguably the best Scrapper.
  • Adamantiurn Claws ->Berserker Frenzy
  • Karima's highly versatile, but she's dependent on class spread and the Al doesn't know how to use her.
  • She is back to normal, but her attacks don't penetrate shields except for plasma blade.
  • She also changes class, but only when theres no protector.

  • Best if you're facing buffed and defense teams.
  • Over the Top -> Trench Warfare
  • Easy way to take out Emmas.
  • Mental Coordination -> Telekinetic Katsina
  • (If phased) Call Lockheed -> Sneak Attack weakest enemy -> Shadow Kick



  • Best 15 CP hero.
  • AI prefers his lvl 2 over his lvl 1, but its randomized.
  • Will not use his lvl 9.Only use for finishing off opponents at very low health.
  • Uses his lvl 6 as soon as he can.
  • He buffs allies with morale boost when they get hit(also himself), for masochism :3
  • He prefers to attack bruisers with his lvl 2.

  • Implying you can hit me
  • Allons-y -> Fantome-> OVNI¬E.V.A.

  • Bane of DoT heroes and DoT players.
  • One hit kills nearly anything when in 20% health or less with hollywood hammer.
  • His lvl 2 hobbled debuff does not work yet.
  • The AI loves using his lvl 2.
  • Can't lose his protector status if hit by Rescue's flyby attack.

  • Useless in his Classic uniform, but a low-level favorite in his Heroic.
  • Leading Strike->Shield Throw-> Shield Guard when it expires
  • Lead with Hammer Throw for Modern Thor, Inspire Bravery for Classic.
  • Protective Shroud -> MAKE IT RAIN -> Tornado
  • Hex Spheres ->  Chaos Shield ->Probability Field
  • Basically never runs out of stamina. Lorna's a lucky woman.
  • Can hide from Tacticians, but i stick with Omega Sentinel if you want versatility.
  • Gift of Battle -> wait for Blessing of Olympus -> Column Down
  • Sacrificial Blessing -> Flight of the Valkyrie ->  Dragonfang
  • Rolling Thunder -> Lightning Round -> Perfect Storm -> Death by Snu-Snu
  • Blade Maelstrom -> Mojo /- Skewer (if shielded) OR Gladiatorial Carnage (if unshielded)
  • Stack Sin and Burn Out -> Penance Stare -> Highway to Hell
  • Razor Claws -> Frenzy -> Swipe -> Tiger's Fury
  • Pair her with a ravager like Sif or Wolverine.
  • Cat Scratch -> Stroke of Luck -> Nerve Chop
  • Hide behind a protector -> get hit by AoE -> press any button
  • Would be top tier if Playdom Al gave a fuck.



  • Largely dependent on timing and setting up long combos. Would be better if he wasn't 90 CP.
  • Anti-Metal Claws -> Panther Stance -> Wakandan Arts
  • Temporal Shift -> Bodyslide OR Aksani Arts (on protector)
  • Good if you're facing a bunch of Emmas or Psylockes.
  • Set enemy on fire -> Fireball
  • Flying Sword -> Thrust 3 Le tog Slash -> let 'em bleed out
  • Spider Sense -> Web Shot Web Slingshot OR Web Swing for emergency stun
  • Excels behind a protector. 
  • The Grapes of Wrath ->A Farewell to Arms (on protec¬tor) OR War and Peace
  • Colossal Smash -> Steel Fists -> Decimate
  • Heart of Shou-Lao -> The Iron Fist (on Infiltrator) OR K'Un L'un Combo (anyone else)
  • Force Sphere the Tactician -> Force Cage big hitter -> Force Volley


  • Stonewall -> Fault Line-> Clobberin' Time
  • Stepping Disc if Infiltrator (Li protector, otherwise Souls -> Unleash Hell
  • Be warned: her Al is terrible.
  • Bo Roulette -> Ace of Spades ->Ragin' Cajun if you have enough Kinetic Charges
  • Kree Strike -> Absorb Energy -> Photon Blast OR Brawl
  • Consider Original Bruiser to absorb enemy Blasters.
  • Not great by any means, but basic enough that the Al plays her reliably well.
  • Super unreliable. Excels at random upset victories.
  • Sharp Pointy Things -> OP or Level 16 -> Happy to See You
  • Southern Comfort -> Absorb Power (prioritize Blasters, then Scrappers, then Bruisers) -> Drain Essence




Post Credit: 4chan/co/

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Which hero have to deploy on different chapter ?

Heroes and Heroies needed to deploy on each Chapter/Mission In Marvel: Avengers Alliance.Its will gives you points, silver and a sure gift. If you are a lucky person then you will get a great bonus from it. Total hero deploy list is here:

* Hidden Epic Boss (For rewards, but tough)

Chapter 1 The Pulse
1-1 none
1-2 Hawkeye
1-3 Black Widow
1-4 Dare Devil, 1 Any Hero
1-5 Sif, 1 Infiltrator
1-6 She-hulk, 1 Any Hero

Chapter 2 The Iso Effect
2-1 Thing, 2 Any Hero
2-2 Ms.Marvel, 1 Any Hero, 1 Tactician
2-3* Black Cat, 1 Any Hero, 1 Scrapper  (Unlocks epic boss )
2-4 Luke Cage, 1 Any Hero, 1 Bruiser
2-5 Cyclops, 1 Infiltrator, 1 Any Hero
2-6 Warmachine, 1 Blaster, 1 Any Hero

Chapter 3 Enter Doom
3-1 Iron Fist, 1 Any Hero, 1 Scrapper
3-2 Invisible Woman, 1 Scrapper, 1 Any Hero
3-3 Ironman, 1 Bruiser, 1 Any Hero
3-4 Colossus, 2 Any Hero
3-5* Spiderman, Black Widow, 1 Tactician, 1 Blaster  (Unlocks epic boss )
3-6 Hawkeye, Spiderwoman, 1 Scrapper, 1 Any Hero

Chapter 4 You, Foe
4-1 Human Torch, 3 Any Hero, 1 Bruiser
4-2 Hulk, 2 Any Hero, 1 Infiltrator
4-3 Mr.Fantastic, 2 Any Hero, 1 Blaster
4-4* Storm, , 1 Scrapper, 2 Any Hero  (Unlocks epic boss )
4-5 Dr.Strange, 1 Blaster, 2 Any Hero
4-6 Pheonix, tactician

Chapter 5 Gods & Monsters
5-1 Thor, 3 Any Hero, 1 Bruiser
5-2 Captain America, 2 Any Hero, Black Widow, 1 Infiltrator
5-3 Wolverine, 1 Blaster, 2 Any Hero, 1 Scrapper   (Unlocks epic boss )
5-4 Iron Fist, Kitty Pryde, 2 Any Hero, 1 Tactician
5-5 Nightcrawler
5-6 Hawkeye, Iron Man, 1 Scrapper, 1 Any Hero, 1 Blaster

Chapter 6 Uprising
6-1 Human Torch, 1 Bruiser, 2 Any Hero, 1 Tactician
6-2 Phoenix, She-Hulk, 1 Infiltrator, 2 Any Hero
6-3* Black Widow, 2 Any Hero, 1 Scrapper, 1 Bruiser  (Unlocks epic boss )
6-4 Thor, 1 Blaster, 2 Any Hero, 1 Tactician
6-5 Luke Cage, Dare Devil, 1 Infiltrator, 2 Any Hero
6-6 Storm, 3 Any Hero, 1 Scrapper

Chapter 7
7-1 Spiderwoman, Mr. Fantastic
7-2 Wolverine
7-3 Spiderman (unlocks Epic Boss Green Goblin)
7-4 Thor, Dr. Strange
7-5 Iron Fist
7-6 Thing, Invisible Woman

Chapter 8
8-1 Thor, Black Widow
8-2 Hulk
8-3 Cyclops
8-4 Capt. America, Kitty Pryde
8-5 Hawkeye (unlocks epic boss The Hood)
8-6 Sif

Chapter 9
9-1 Storm
9-2 Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic (3 Battles)
9-3 Daredevil (3 Battles)
9-4 Invisible Woman (2 Battles),Thing (2 Battles) (Unlocks epic boss )
9-5 Spider-Man (3 Battles)
9-6 Ms. Marvel (3 Battles)

Chapter 10
10-1 Iron Man (3 Battles),Wolverine (2 Battles)
10-2 War Machine (3 Battles)
10-3 Nightcrawler (3 Battles)
10-4 Spider-Woman (2 Battles) (Unlocks epic boss )
10-5 Captain America (3 Battles), Hulk (2 Battles)
10-6 Sif

Marvel Avengers Alliance:How do I contact Playdom Support?

There are many bug and technical issue that we can not solve. One of the most annoying staff is page refresh error. I think everyone has faced this problem. So we need to contact with playdom. I think every should keep every important moment screen shot (Ex:when buying a new hero).

Contact With Playdom Steps: 
If you have any issues with this game,
1. Go Playdom Support
2. Then click the 'Log In to Ask a Question' button at the top right corner of the site.
                   Please Note: You will not be able to contact support until you create and log in to a account

3. Once you are logged in, click on the 'Support' button in the banner at the very top of the site, click once again on the 'Log In to Ask a Question' button at the top right corner, and then you will see a Help box appear at the bottom right side of the page.

4. Click on the 'Submit Request' button in this box to bring up the support ticket form.

5. Fill out all the information requested and submit your ticket. You should receive a reply from one of playdom representatives within 72 hours.

Reproduction of material from any post without written permission is strictly prohibited.
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