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Marvel Avengers Alliance: Season 2 Chapter 6 Heroic Battle Guide

Written on Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Season 2 Chapter 6 Heroic Battle Reward: 
Season 2 Chapter 6 Heroic Battle
  • 1 / 3 / 5 Command Points
  • Random Isotope-8 (Tier and kind of Iso-8 depends on the Agent's Level)
  • Random Store and Premium Supplies (Tier and kind of Supply depends on the Agent's Level)
  • Challenge Points
  • Random Deploy Gear (Gear depends on the Agent's Level)
Mission 1 - Unknown Intel
Captain America & Falcon VS Baron Zemo, Baron Strucker & Viper
Captain America & Falcon VS Baron Zemo, Baron Strucker & Viper
Hero Needed: Captain America & Falcon 
Enemy:  Baron Zemo, Baron Strucker & Viper
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, Leading Empowered Isotope-8, Swooping Empowered Isotope-8
This battle features the legendary Cap-Falcon duo against three HYDRA leaders: Zemo, Strucker and Viper. As always, using an alternate outfit for Captain America will make the battle easier: the best one for this battle is the Scrapper Captain Steve Rogers alt. All three bosses have a unique passive debuff called  Caught Off-guard, which will allow you to Stun them with almost 100% chance. Equip the Surprising Empowered Isotope-8 on Captain America and use Shield Throw to stun all three bosses.

The main threat in this fight are the  Bleeding debuff dealt by Baron Zemo and the Poisoned one dealt by Viper: stun Viper with Falcon's Dive Bomber while tanking with Cap, and repeat this battle setup every possibile time. Using Falcon's Sky-High is also a good idea. Try to dispose of Viper first, and attack Zemo every time he starts concentrating to prevent him from using  The Baron's Mark, which applies Generalized other than the homonymous debuff.

If you're using the Captain Steve Rogers alt, the battle will be different: you can't obviously tank but you can  Depower Zemo and/or Viper, preventing them from dealing their dangerous debuffs.

Additionally, if you already have Falcon recruited and at least at level 9, you can equip the Surprising Empowered Isotope-8 on him instead. Then simply use his level 9 attack to stun all enemies, then the level 2 on the second turn to counter attacks in the next round. repeat until all Hydra is defeated. 

Mission 2 - Ancient Knight
Ghost Rider VS Mephisto
Ghost Rider VS Mephisto

Hero Needed: Ghost Rider
Enemy: Mephisto
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, Tenacious Empowered Isotope-8
This fight is complicated due to needing to carefully choose when to strike each foe. You need to KO each of the two Meretrix before Mephisto or he will KO them to restore his HP to full. However, the Meretrixes will often use Temptation to give themselves Hell Hath No Fury which will probably KO you if you hit them with a regular attack. However, they cannot counter Psychic attacks, thus you are safe to use Penance Stare on them at any time. Also, using Highway to Hell on Mephisto will apply  Soulfire to the Meretrixes without triggering a counter attack.

Gaining stacks of Vengeance is probably best saved for when you are attempting to KO Mephisto as it will be removed each time Mephisto uses Sear.

This fight is extremely easy for a L9 Ghost Rider. Give Ghost Rider the Soothing Rest Empowered Iso-8. For the first two rounds, Mephisto will use Binding Contract on each Meretrix(one for each round) which will apply 4 Sin to them. Once it's Ghost Rider's turn, use his L9 move Burn Out which will give Ghost Rider X stacks of Spirit of Vengeance(X=total # of Sin on all enemies) which will increase his attack. Since Burn Out is a Quick Action you will get another attack. Use Ghost Rider's L2 move Penance Stare to take out the Meretrix with Sin on it. Penance Stare is a psychic attack and shouldn't trigger Temptation. For the next two rounds use Soothing Rest to keep Ghost Rider's health up while Penance Stare recharges. Once it does use it on the second Meretrix. Mephisto shouldn't have any stacks of Sin so Penance Stare would be very ineffective at this time. Keep using Soothing Rest each round and then Burn Out whenever possible. Since the both Meretrix are defeated Mephisto will start to get Sin when he attacks. Once he's reached 4 or 5 Sin use Penance Stare to defeat him. 
Mission 3: Dark Complications
War Machine VS Ares
War Machine VS Ares

Hero Needed: War Machine
Enemy: Ares
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear,Tactical Empowered Isotope-8, Desperate Empowered Isotope-8
This battle is a 1-on-1 between War Machine and Ares, and it's pretty easy. The most important stats to buff are War Machine's Health and Attack.

Ares will often take the first turn, and his actions are pretty random: the only thing to be careful about is Ares' Art of War, which could be dangerous if used too many times. War Machine should only spam his Repulsor Ray, using   Overcharge when low on Stamina and then keep spamming. If Rhodey is well ISO'd, Ares should fall in a few turns.

Obviously, using an alternate outfit will make things easier. If you're using the Iron Patriot alt (especially the Blaster version) a double/triple 21 Gun Salute, each one with a  Radiation Exposure, will put Ares in serious trouble from the first turn. The Original War Machine alt, anyway, will allow you to use the Overcharge from the beginning (since it does not empty Stamina, with this outfit), and obviously the  Wild Blue Yonder will allow you to defeat Ares even faster.

A alternate method with the Iron Patriot suit is to start with 21-Gun salute(no overcharge just normal) this should put 1 to 2 stacks of Radiation Exposure on Ares. Next turn use Overcharge and Repulsor Ray. In the Iron Patriot suit they give Target Focus and Lock-On and exploit Radiation Exposure and Ares has at least 1 or 2 stacks on him using this method and with the guarnteed crits from Overcharge Ares will fall in two turns in Rhodey is Iso'ed right. 

Mission 4: Harvester of Souls
 Daimon Hellstrom VS Satana
 Daimon Hellstrom VS Satana

Hero Needed:  Daimon Hellstrom
Enemy: Satana
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, Hellacious Empowered Isotope-8, Enticing Empowered Isotope-8
This is another 1-on-1 battle, this time between the infernal siblings Daimon and Satana. Daimon Hellstrom has a unique passive called Purifier, which allows him to remove his debuffs with  Purifying Flames. This is actually more a threat than a help, since using Purifying Flames will remove even   Burning and Dark Void from Daimon.

The battle should begin right with Purifying Flames, which will allow Hellstrom to regenerate his health for several turns, then using Cloaked in Shadows and spam From Hell's Heart whenever possible, using Purifying Flames whenever needed. Watch out anyway, because when Satana will be low on health she'll try to cure herself: hit her whenever possible with Daimon's La Petite Mort, keeping her underDespair and she'll fall pretty quickly. 

Mission 5: Clash of Titans
Punisher VS The Hood
Punisher VS The Hood

Hero Needed: Punisher
Enemy: Inves, The Hood & Tetrabrach
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear,Prepared Empowered Isotope-8
In this fight Punisher battles The Hood with a Blaster Demon who can apply Burning and will attack with a suicide blast before he dies and a Scrapper Demon who will apply Pummeled to Punisher.

This battle can be tricky but can be made a lot easier with a few pieces of gear. First is the Cleansing EISO, which can remove a debuff each turn. This EISO was almost mandatory for finishing Mockingbird's Heroic Battle so if you have completed that fight there is a good chance you bought it to assist with that battle, if you have it give it to Punisher for this fight. This can become mandatory as the blaster demon in the fight can apply Burning to Punisher and the Scrapper demon can apply Pummeled, both are very bad for this fight and removing them is mandatory. The second it Punisher's Fatal Fender AISO, which gives Brutal Strike to Battle Van (don't give Punisher the Loaded AISO, since it gives a cooldown to Walking Armory). This battle is about turn order and luck. If Punisher goes first (and hope he does) fire off the van right away. With the Fatal Fender AISO and Punisher properly ISO'ed this should take out both of the minions right away, making the fight much easier: the Hood's minions don't have much Health or Defense, so it is quite easy to do this. If you don't have the AISO it can still be done, just much harder. Punisher will need a good amount of Evasion and the first target should be the Blaster, to avoid his Burning debuff. Switch to Tact first and take him out: it should go out in one turn; he will then perform a suicide attack, but it shouldn't cause any long term problems. Next target is the Scrapper Demon: switch to Brusier and use the minigun until the demon falls. This will also grant the Enraged bonus to Punisher, making the Hood fall much faster.

When it is down to The Hood he'll use a new ability called Dark Metamorphosis, which will change his class at the start of his turn (often Tactician). Simply switch to the counter-class and attack him with Punisher's lv1, and Hood should fall in no time. Due to the potential of having so many class benefits mixed up from constant switching class, Hood should pose no real issue. Depending on when you get your first turn will determine how well this fight will go. The sooner you get your first move, the better your odds are of winning. If all three go before you your chances of winning are slim.

The alternative strategy is to focus on the Hood. The Cleansing Empowered ISO-8 will still be handy. When it's Punisher's turn, switch to Tact and throw Proximity Grenade on the Blaster Demon, giving yourself an extra turn. After that, switch to Scrapper and throws grenade on the Hood. Try to remain Scrapper because it counters all attacks (note that every ranged attack will be countered with Trap Grenade, which has a chance to Stun), except when the Hood is Bruiser: in this case switch to Blaster and use the Migrant. 

Mission 6: Fourth Wall
Luke Cage, Iron Fist VS Hammerhead
Luke Cage, Iron Fist VS Hammerhead

Hero Needed: Luke Cage, Iron Fist
Enemy: Hammerhead
Potential Gear Reward: Random Deploy Gear, Cracking Empowered Isotope-8, Heartfelt Empowered Isotope-8
This battle should require Iron Fist to be at least at level 9 and Luke Cage at least at level 2, but at level 6 it makes the battle easier. First, you need Iron Fist to use K'un L'un Combo on one of the Maggia, then Luke Cage should use Bodyguard, then Brawl on the other. If you get Luke Cage first, attack one of the Maggia, then with Iron Fist aim for the same Maggia that protected from Luke Cage, which will make the other Maggia protect that attack. That should make Luke cage counter alot. Then Iron Fist should attack the Maggia without Cornered with K'un L'un Combo. Luke Cage should then use Bodyguard and Brawl on Hammerhead (make sure to use Bodyguard every round): since Luke Cage will take pratically all of the enemies' attacks, be sure to use Iron Fist's Healing Chi on him whenever needed (also useful to remove the dangerous  Iso-8 Corruption debuff dealt by Hammerhead). Once the Maggia are gone, the battle is easy from there: Hammerhead, due to his passive, has to be finished off with either Luke Cage's L2 move (which has Brutal Strike, now) or Heroic Age Iron Fist's L1 after activating Hidden Potential.The key to winning this is to take out both Maggia Hitman then let Hammerhead take out Iron Fist, otherwise Hammerhead will survive every attack. While Hammerhead is taking out Iron Fist, make sure that Luke Cage's health stays up by healing him with Iron Fist's L6. Once Iron Fist has been defeated, hit Hammerhead with a L2.

Obviously Heroic Age Iron Fist's alt will make the battle easier, but it is recommended using the same strategy even with the alternate outfit. The Bruiser variant being the obvious choice but it won't be necessary as this fight is pretty simple with or without this suit. If all three enemies have Combo Setup on them Luke Cage alone can win this fight with counters from bodyguard and Iron Fist's only real duty is to heal him. 

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