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Marvel Avengers Alliance: How to defeat Spec Ops 19 Group Boss Bastion

Written on Sunday, July 13, 2014

 defeat Spec Ops 19 Group Boss Bastion

Special Operation 19 has come with another Group Boss Bastion.  Here is strategies how to defeat Bastion. You can share your thought with us via comment. Please share this post help your friends.

Group Boss Bastion

  1. Unexploitable
  2. Very high crit resistance
  3. Immune to psych and fear attacks
  4. Immune to ground attacks
  5. Mechanical body, so no bleed, poison, or bio attacks
  6. more likely to critically hit mutants
  7. relentless so immune to stun, exhaustion and cower
  • attacks will significantly drain stamina

  • can clear debuffs each round

Prime Sentinels
  • chance to change to counter class of the attacker [this ability seems not to work against Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg, possibly because those heroes have dual classes]
  • one strategy is to disorient them and they may attack Bastion
  • prime sentinels also protect
  • Immune to ground attacks
  • relentless so immune to stun, exhaustion and cower

Silver received is the amount of damage done, reduced by some fraction

To guarantee 5% damage (and one LB), use bifurcate or trifurcate for 4% automatic damage (bifurcate is a weapon from 1.12.6, and also available by using Mr. Fantastic or Dr. Doom)

Bastion attacks are energy [all classes?] so Captain Marvel and the circlet from 2.6.1 can negate

I haven't seen anyone compile a list of mutants in the game, but these are the heroes who have "Children of the Atom" team-up bonuses (so maybe this is the list?). Taken from the team-up bonus guide, thanks Flinx!
Children of the Atom (Bonus for bringing two mutants):
Angel / Avalanche / Beast / Bishop / Cable / Cannonball / Colossus / Cyclops / Domino / Emma Frost / Fantomex / Gambit / Havok / Iceman / Kitty Pryde / Magik / Magneto / Nightcrawler / Phoenix / Psylocke / Quicksilver / Rogue / Sabretooth / Scarlet Witch / Shatterstar / Squirrel Girl / Storm / Sunfire / Wolverine / X-23

Team-ups that worked for people (at least 20% damage):
  • General - Hogun and Fandral, use Fandral’s 2 move to depower, pair agent with tankard, and various other things. Note, Fandral's special E-Iso will not help since Bastion is immune to psychic, so use something different. This works against Tactician Bastion very well. Will also work against Blaster version. Can work against Infiltrator version, but suggest using savant’s spear or devolver to generalize Bastion.
  • Against Blaster Bastion – Captain Steve Rogers and Heroic Age Hawkeye, agent with psychic amplifier, cube, bashenga and golden weapon – strategy use depower
  • Against Blaster Bastion – Captain steve rogers and Falcon, keep him neutralized, depowered and flanked the whole time, extra turns from Falcon, agent with warbringer, neurotrope, coulsons and cube (35%)
  • Against Blaster Bastion – Captain Marvel and Fandral (20%)
  • Against Tactician Bastion - Scrapper Sif with berserk, Spiral and agent with basenga, supersonic sword and cube, strategy is to use depower and hope for as many counters as possible
  • Against Infiltrator Bastion – Steve Rogers and Magik, Agent with grim mace, psychic amplifier, marksman spotter and cube, use Magik’s stealthy abilities while steve rogers takes on sidekicks
  • Against Infiltrator Bastion – Daredevil and Iron Fist
  • Against Infiltrator Bastion – Ghost Rider and Sabretooth (27%)
  • Against Infiltrator Bastion – Ghost Rider and Famine Rogue (35%)
  • Against Scrapper Bastion – Cable and Iron Fist and agent with cube, warbringer, chitter chatter box and psychic amplifier (54%)
  • Against Bruiser Bastion – Thor as blaster
  • Against Bruiser Bastion – 90’s Cyclops and Spiral (flanked and depower) (22%)
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Info - credit to Halogen008 for compiling this. 

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July 13, 2014 at 3:46 AM

i use rouge to fight him. and what ever bastion is i bring in someone who will make the primes turn in to bastions weakness so rouge can get their boost to use against bastion.

July 13, 2014 at 6:19 AM

Also against Scrapper Bastion I use WW Hulk Bruiser to boost up warbringer ability and spam his lvl 1 attack until 3 hulk ups 5 warbringers and 2 enraged than spam hulk smash, as well as Bruiser Iron Fist use his healing mantis first round to keep the bugs away than gain 2 enraged spam his lvl 1 and 2 for good damage with some luck he'll also counter and apply combo setup and than you can set up for his Hot White Iron Fist attack on the 4th round my max hit has been 23k with Iron Fist and 47k with hulk smash on round 3. For the agent I use the Cube for evasion and healing as well as as the 3rd round stat affects, Coulsons Revenge for the Coordinated attack and its a one shotter against both of the Sentinels aas well as 15k to 22k attack with the right buffs on the 4th round. my 3rd weapon is the buff neuro whatever for combat reflex and epiphany plus the buffs have gotten Hulk and Iron Fist up to 20 green boxes

July 14, 2014 at 12:28 AM

I use mr fantastic and if at 20% health Electra, if above that iron patriot/ war machine

July 15, 2014 at 1:32 PM

Tactician Bastion: Spiral and Satana. Agent with Supersonic sword, Hand of Kagutsuchi (using mostly this item) and bruiser uniform to fight prime sentinels. I've made 20% damage and survive all three squad members. Spiral and Satana give magical damages wich are very usefull against Bastion.

July 16, 2014 at 12:29 PM

use cyclop + jugnaunt: 40%

July 17, 2014 at 8:18 PM

For Tactician Bastion:

Fandral (L13), Hogun (L8), Infiltrator Agent (w/ Warbringer Axe, Primitive Spear, Party Tankard & Bashenga Blade).

With your first turn get the elixir of recovery going to heal any damage and to apply skirmisher/disengage. Then, use Fandral second ability to apply depower to any attackers (use as often as possible). Now, everyone's counter attacks are active and will apply more damage from skirmisher. When it's your agents turn use bashenga then primitive spear to attack and increase stats on agent. Use Hogun's second ability as soon as you can and as often as you can to apply flanked and fumbling because all your counters and follow-ups deal extra damage. Focus on Bastion; your counters will take care of the Prime Sentinels.

Used this combination twice now with 60 to 63 percent damage dealt each tie. (95 percent down to 32 percent). Really good combination if you can recruit the heroes.

July 19, 2014 at 7:10 AM

I just took 43% of an infoltrator with Ghost Rider and Iron Fist. And this was with out the sentinels for GR's lvl 9 and no special Empowered or Augmented ISO-8.
An other good one is Gambit can do +10% with a fully prepared(6-8Kinetic charge, Strength, 3Pain and Exposed) lvl6.

July 19, 2014 at 9:32 AM

Tactician Bastion: Gambit w/ 8 card stud and Psylocke w/ mental coordination. Hero with neurotrope and Bashenga Blade.

Gambit gets fully charged level 6 every 1 or 2 turns and hit for 59% damage. You're welcome.

July 20, 2014 at 8:10 AM

-->The combo i use against Bruiser Bastion is iron man and cable.i keep the flank up with the target debuff and i use Unibean with 100% chance to hit again..after 4 rounds i can easily lower his hp by 40% in total
--> Against Infiltrator Bastion i use Quicksilver and Ironfist with costume.Combo Breaker will eliminate your problems with inf passive plus if he is below 30% i use Heart of Shou-Lao with K'un L'un combo for fatal hit
--> Agaisnt Scrapper i use Iron fist with the other heroic costume and She-Hulk again with the costume.2 turns always when it is available and Hammering blow and stomp.if stomp crits it is 15% of his HP for sure

July 20, 2014 at 5:37 PM

except tactician Bastion, try to use Cannonball :) He can negate the damage

July 20, 2014 at 5:48 PM

Use can opener from the pvp if u have it it is a MUST! Melt armor and he stays doing nothing some rounds from the debuff.I use Bruiser agent who has protect with magneto and rogue with uniform ,not the best setup but does the job

July 25, 2014 at 7:24 AM

Against Infiltrator Bastion, I've used Magik and Deadpool.

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