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Marvel Avengers Alliance: What is Empowered ISO-8 And How To Get It

Written on Wednesday, November 6, 2013

empowered ISO-8

What is empowered ISO-8:
“Empowered ISO-8”, a new type of ISO-8 that gives agents and heroes new passive abilities. There are 3 types of Empowered ISO-8. We refer to them in the game as
1. Generic,
2. Class Restricted, and
3. Character Restricted. (Read More)

Here are their store icons, respectively.
empowered ISO-8

How can I get empowered ISO-8: 
We have a lot of ways to earn these new types of ISO. However, to begin with, there will not be Character Restricted ISO-8 in the store. So where might you get Character Restricted ISO-8? You can get it free from the spin after completing the heroic battle.
the Generic ISO-8 can be found in the Store for silver and the Class Restricted ISO-8 can be found in the Store for gold.

How to earn slot for empowered ISO-8: 
For the Agent, players will need to equip a uniform that has an Empowered ISO-8 slot on it.  Example:  “Infiltrator’s Empowered Armor”. It can be earned from PVP.
slot for empowered ISO-8

Most base hero uniforms will have two Empowered ISO-8 slots. One that is earned at Level 4 (along with the normal slot you get at that level now), and one that is earned at the brand new Level 13! That means heroes you own that are above level 4 already will come with one of these slots.
So what about when you switch to other uniforms for your hero?
Well, Empowered ISO-8, just like normal ISO-8, is specifically tied to the uniform you have equipped. Playdom decided that hero uniforms, who already all have passive abilities, are already quite powerful. In order to keep them balanced with a hero’s base uniform PD decided that alternate uniforms will usually only get one Empowered ISO-8 slot for now (the one that is earned at level 13). This is the best decision for PVP balance at this time.

How it works? 
Let’s talk about how this works using Chapter 2: Mission 5 as an example.
This Heroic Battle features Spider-Man facing off against his long-time nemesis - Green Goblin. As you can see, the “Chance to Get” has been updated with a new Character Restricted Empowered ISO-8. This one is called “Inventive Empowered ISO-8” and grants Spider-Man the “Smartest Man in the Room” status. You may remember this from Hank Pym, Mr. Fantastic, and Iron Man in Spec Op 7. If I can get this ISO-8, Spider-Man can participate in their fun scientific debates! You can see the “Hero” requirement in the tooltip that shows I can only slot this ISO-8 to Spider-Man. As you can see I’ve earned a number of Empowered ISO-8 at this point. Some which are identified as not compatible with Spider-Man because they do not match the class of his uniform or they are for other heroes. Of the 3 I can slot, I have chosen the Inventive Empowered ISO-8 I earned earlier (which only works for Spider-Man), and the Infiltrator-specific Reflexive ISO-8 which grants Spider-Man the “Ukemi” passive.Taking Spider-Man into battle now shows his new Ukemi and Smartest Man in the Room statuses. It’s as simple as that!
empowered ISO-8 on spider man

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November 8, 2013 at 10:02 PM

so I understand that only these cheaters on PVP will have the opportunity to get this empowered Iso on their Avatar, that is really not fair PD.

November 8, 2013 at 11:13 PM

Ermm, I do not understand why are they called cheaters...
I mean everyone has a chance to get these in every mission in Chapter 1 & 2 in Season 2... How is this cheating and what does it have to do with PvP?

November 9, 2013 at 11:39 AM

im getting so tired of no atter how hard i play i just cant get where im spouse to be it seams like the game is nothing but made for walet warriors

November 11, 2013 at 4:13 PM

@Ulrich N dude, what he meant was the "Empowered Infiltrator Suit" Reward for Vibranium league... It is the only agent uniform with as slot for empowered ISO... so in a way... apart from all the equipment bonuses they get 1 more bonus by way of ISO... like cheating

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