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Marvel Avengers Alliance: Producer's Notes on Season 2 Part IV Chapter Rewards

Written on Saturday, July 27, 2013

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Today I’d like to talk about rewards in Season 2. More specifically, the rewards you get from pursuing Chapter Mastery in Season 2.
Chapter Mastery in Season 2

The first thing I want to cover here is mission difficulty. While Challenge Mode remains mostly unchanged (most missions will be 5-10 levels above your current level), we’ve revised how we determine the difficulty of Normal Mode. Remember Challenge Mode is only available after you’ve completed Normal Mode for that mission one time.

Normal Mode difficulty is set the very first time you attempt a Normal Mode mission in Season 2. This is on a per-mission basis, meaning that if you are level 200 when you do Mission 1, it will be set to level 200 Normal Mode until the end of time. But if you level up a bit doing other stuff and you attempt Mission 2 at level 205, then Mission 1 will still be set at 200, but Mission 2 will be set at 205.

So, in the example image above, you can see that I started Mission 1 when I was level 200. I’m still level 200, so the Challenge Mode is level 210. Challenge Mode will continue to dynamically get harder as I level up, but Normal Mode for me will be 200 on Mission 1 forever, even if I replay the Normal mode at a higher level.
Normal mode at a higher level

None of these changes will affect Season 1 chapters.

Ok, you’ve got it. The missions are more challenging. But why? Well, first of all we hear people talk all the time about how they wish the Season missions were more challenging. Second of all we wanted to justify better rewards all around this time.

Just as with Season 1, the rewards will get better as you go and Challenge Mode will also offer better rewards. However, since Normal Mode is set to your current level when you start, it will ALSO feature customized rewards now. Rejoice!
customized rewards

Above is an example of the very first weapon you receive in Season 2, from Sugar Man (the boss of Mission 1). On the left is the Normal Mode version dropped at Agent Level 200, and on the right is the Challenge Mode version dropped at Agent Level 200. As you can see, the gear in Normal Mode is equivalent to Challenge Mode gear from Season 1, and the Challenge Mode gear in Season 2 is much stronger.

So that’s drops - they are better than they were in Season 1 and most of them are Customized. While many drops will be familiar, we want to let you know we are planning to re-evaluate the loot tables between now and Season 2: Chapter 2. More on that in the future. Let’s talk about Tasks now.
Season 2: Chapter 2 tasks

Recently the task system was greatly overhauled for Covert Tasks. We merged the progress bar concept from Spec Ops with our existing Task system to come up with something new. It was our plan all along to really utilize this with Season 2.

As you can see from the image above, you’ll see a Task Bar that resembles the one in Spec Ops. While we won’t reveal right now what all the tasks are (what fun would that be?) we can talk about those reward icons you see.

The first 4 images represent Chapter 1 missions 2-5 (as you’ve probably already figured out). The image of The Living Pharaoh represents unlocking Chapter 2. Unfortunately Chapter 2 will be launched at a later date, but we want players to know where the unlocking point is for it.

The next icons represent silver, command points, and gold. What amount? Some surprises are best left for release.

Of course there are more tasks than just those represented in the main task chain. When you start your first Challenge Mode for a particular Chapter, you’ll see a task chain that requires you to complete all the Challenge Modes in that Chapter for a reward. Here’s what I’m talking about for Chapter 1.
Chapter reward

This is where our Golden Weapons have been relegated to. Let’s move on to Chapter Mastery. When you hover over each of the progress bars for the individual events, you’ll see that completing EACH of them has a reward. For example, If you complete all 7 Incursions in Chapter 1 you’ll receive a pile of gold. A one-time reward for completing all the events of that type.
a pile of gold

So that’s 7 rewards, right? Wrong. We’re so nice we’re giving you 3 rewards for completing Chapter Mastery. Want to take a look at what all of the rewards are for the entire Chapter in one place? Click the “Chapter Info” button to see the new Chapter Info window. Here’s a sneak peak.

Chapter Info

Did somebody mention Professor X?
Professor X

See how Iron Fist shows the Bruiser and Scrapper icons? You get BOTH versions of the Heroic Iron First costume when you complete Chapter Mastery. How sweet is that?

Of course there’s a chance that you don’t own Iron Fist when you complete Chapter Mastery. In that case you will see some new icons that show you that you own a uniform but not the hero it goes to. See the above image for an example.
 Iron Fist

Alright so there is actually ONE more reward that you get for Chapter Mastery. That is the concept of a Season 2 Rank. Along with your current Tournament Rank, it will be displayed for all your friends on their neighbor bar. It can also be seen in the “Season 2 Rank” tab of your profile. This tells all of your friends how far you’ve come in your Season 2 quest for glory. As more Chapters are released, the highest possible rank increases (each with a new icon).

Chapter Progress

Distress Call

As a reminder this is just a summary of the rewards available in Season 2, and there are many specific items and drops available throughout the Chapters for players who are willing to pursue Chapter Mastery.

That’s it for today. Tune in next time for another exciting look at Season 2.  

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