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Marvel Avengers Alliance: Special Operation 9 Walkthrough (Unstable ISO 8 Friendly)

Written on Saturday, May 4, 2013

Special Operation 9 Walkthrough

Agents here is Marvel Avengers Alliance spec ops 9 guide. Complete your spec ops 9 task list with unstable iso-8 friendly way.

Make sure to enter Mission 1 of Spec Ops before accepting any UISO-8 as gifts or visit your allies, otherwise it won't be added to your total.
You can complete the tasks straight until the first research (Task 6), only the deploy (Task 2) and the distress call (Task 4) be done outside of Spec Ops.Try to use Scarlet Witch+Quicksilver or Emma Frost+Phoenix in each battle to achieve higher mission score for the Stars of Mastery (3 Stars of Mastery required in all Spec Op 9 Missions to recruit Rescue), if you didn't recruit them, use the Team-Up Bonuses link on this page to redirect you and find the most suitable team-up for you.
  • If you didn't unlock any Iron Man Mk 42 Armor:
    While the research is in progress, restart the Mission 1 and play your way until Whiplash's combat appears on the map (what includes 2x A.I.M. ChemTech Troops), you have to kill 8 of them to complete the Task after the research has been done, so start the battle and kill the adds, then let Whiplash kill your team or refresh. Repeat this until you kill all the 8 troops, then use Iron Man's Missile Bombardment on Whiplash 3 times.
  • If you unlocked any Iron Man Mk 42 Armor:
    While the research is in progress, make sure you have 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 1.
    After you finished the research, launch the Mission 2 and complete the Task 7 with Low/Medium/High Threats, then use Iron Man's Missile Bombardment ability 3 times in any combat (outside of Spec Ops).
Participate in 5 PvP matches (can be practice), lose/win doesn't matter and begin your second research.While the 2nd research is in progress fight your way in Mission 2 until Blizzard's combat appears on your map.

For Task 12 & 13: In Mission 2 you can either go for the epic boss through all the threats (required to deploy Punisher, Union Jack, War Machine) to use Rescue's Flyby Attack at the Iron Patriot Armor's combat for Task 13 after you killed the Blizzard for Task 12, or you can just start a 3/2 birds combat against Blizzard, and after you killed him alone (leaving the mini-bosses alive), let your team die. That way you don't have to re-play the whole mission for the Task 13.Win 3 PvP matches for Task 14 and use 3 Armor Platings in any combat (outside of Spec Ops), you must have already 2 of them from the first research (Task 6), so you have to buy only one more. Then you can begin your 3rd research. This research lasts 2 days and the Task 21 requires to collect 10 UISO-8, recommended to wait with visiting the allies on the day when your research would finish, so you can collect the UISO-8 real quick from your friends' maps.While the 3rd research is in progress make sure you have 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 2, and then fight your way in Mission 2 until a Mini-Boss combat appears on your map.

If you can do/have done the all the deploys then you can 3bird the bosses and use Rescue's Protector Protocol at Iron Patriot Armor's combat (Epic Boss), otherwise kill the Mini-Bosses one by one and use Rescue's ability at Blizzard.Restart the Mission 2, you need to defeat 5 A.I.M. Directors for Task 20, 3 can be found in High Threats(1ea/threat) and 2 more at the Exoskeletal Battletank's combat, but you have to keep the Mini-Bosses alive for the Task 22, so you either die at the Mini-Boss after you killed the directors in each High Threats and at the Exoskeletal Battletank to avoid repeating the mission, or you die at the High Threats until you defeat all the 5 A.I.M. Directors. Collect your gifts and/or visit your allies to collect 10 UISO-8 for Task 21.Kill the Mini-Bosses in Mission 2 and Achieve 3 Stars Of Mastery in Mission 3.Recruit Punisher, Union Jack and War Machine if you haven't done yet and go for the Epic Boss in Mission 2, or skip the last Task to recruit Rescue.

More update will be available soon.
Check --> Marvel Spec Ops 9 task list

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there are some thinks u dint say here.
-1) Task 8 (Missile Command) Can be done outside Spec-op Missions if u have get the Iron Man Mk 42 armor.
-2) Task 17 (Mechanic) which ask u to defeat 2 mini-bosses is better to go to Mission 2, defeat the Robot Mini-boss and then abort the mission and do it again.
-3) Task 20 (Directionless) which ask u to defeat 5 Directors can be done also on Mission 3 (on task info it says it can be done only on Mission 1 and 2).
-4) Task 22 (Who's The Boss) which ask u to defeat 4 Mini-bosses is better to be done on Mission 3 which have 2 mini-bosses fight with 2 mini-bosses each (that mean 2x2) than go to mission 1 or 2 which mini-bosses fights have only 1 mini-boss on them PLUS that way u can complete Task 23 (Going to Extremes) which ask u to defeat Savin.

May 8, 2013 at 5:16 PM

for task 22, it is better to kill mini bosses at mission 3,there were 4: blizzard&titanium man, whiplash&crimson dinamo...that way is better, right after kicking them, you can finish the next task, defeat Savin,,,,I think that's better :)

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