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Marvel Avengers Alliance: Understanding Power Level And How It Works

Written on Monday, December 24, 2012

In the game Marvel Avengers Alliance on Facebook, there is a concept of power level. It is a good tool when you switch to a new weapon in the game. Let us look at how the power level works in the game, how it can affect the game strategy and the infinite level to which the power level scales can move as you level up.

What is power level?
Power level is used as “potential “or “efficiency” for weapons and items used in the game. Agents in the game get damaged while they move towards the “power level cap” of each equipment. On reaching that limit, you will be able to utilize the full weapons battle power. Some weapons like machine gun cause more damage even at low power and hence it is a better weapon to choose. So choose your weapon wisely so that it gives you more power as you level up in power.
As your agent levels up the weapon also gets stronger. You must use the full potential of any weapon by leveling up in the game. Hence, power level is very much important in the game.

Effect of power level:
Power level is used to lower the power damage gap between different weapons. A weaker weapon with more power level can yield the same damage as a stronger weapon with a low power level.  Weapons are divided into various tiers based on their damage and as you level up you unlock more damaging weapons. You do not get a strong damage output increase when you switch to the higher level weapon because of Marvel: Avengers Alliance Power Level.

Here's an Example

- Lvl 4 Agent
- 2 Levels lower than Katana's Power Level

- Lvl 6 Agent
- Same Level with Katana's Power Level

- Lvl 8 Agent
- 2 Levels higher than Katana's Power Level

- Lvl 16 Agent
- 10 Levels higher than Katana's Power Level
- Although it is still usable up to this level, the Stamina
requirement is too high for it's damage return! It's time to get a new weapon.

- Lvl 16 Agent
- Same Level with S.A. "Ambush" Power Level
- Now this is better because you will only spend 38
Stamina for a reasonable damage output.

Choosing gears based on power level:
There are gears available in the game avenger alliance of marvel. You must try out different gears as you level up in the game. You must experiment properly with the gears so that you make the best use of your strength in the game.
So use the power levels in the game and get stronger.

Excelsior gold weapon power level growth:
When you complete the Avengers Alliance game with 5-star mastery, you can obtain the excelsior gold weapons. These weapons, unlike others, have no power level cap and the power of the weapons increase as the agent levels up. There is nothing like getting 100% efficiency for these weapons. The power of these weapons is infinite and it depends upon the players to use them to their best possible efficiency. These weapons have weak starting base compared to other weapons at the same level.
You must use these weapons in two situations even if it renders low damage to your opponent:
Saving marvel: Avengers Alliance silver for other upgrades:
If you want to skip certain weapons and want to use their stronger versions later then it is good to use the golden weapons at that time. They are good to use when you are low on cash and at earlier levels as these weapons grow in power indefinitely.

Overpower at high level:
At higher levels, the damaging power of the golden excelsior weapons increases considerably. Although several weapons are available at that stage, when a player starts with it, he gets the minimum power level. So if you need to save on points and coins in higher level, you can avoid high level silver and gold gears and use this weapon which can now cause significant damage at a higher level.

These weapons are not much useful at lower levels as their power level base is low at lower levels. However, you should try to obtain these golden gears as you level up into end game stage of Marvel: Avengers Alliance. By utilizing the Power Level growth effect of Golden weapons, you will have very strong gears at level 100+ while able to save for more items.

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December 26, 2012 at 6:19 AM

LOL @ using MVC3 image for MAA.

January 8, 2013 at 12:12 PM


I bought the golden warbringer axe. The power level is 28 and i'm on level 22. I heard golden weapons level up with you. But I don't think my warbringer axe has. It is a golden weapon and since I paid some money for it I don't want to dump it. Since it really is a powerful weapon that has helped me win tons of pvp battles. Will it level up again once I reach level 28?

April 26, 2013 at 8:09 AM

the war bringer axe is bought with gold but it does not mean its a gold weapon. Gold weapons are only acquirable by getting all stars in a chapter. Which means 5 stars in all 6 missions in a chapter. So no, the war bringer axe is not a gold weapon so it will no level with you. But, if it is labeled "customizable" you can spend about 40 gold to make your level...but it will not level with you.

May 14, 2013 at 11:04 PM

how can I research target painter?

May 14, 2013 at 11:06 PM

how can I get Target painter or research?

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