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Marvel Avengers Alliance: Character Guide- Psylocke

Written on Friday, December 14, 2012

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Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock
Modern Psylocke

Elizabeth 'Betsy' Braddock is the twin sister of Brain Bradock, aka Captain Britain. Originally a character pilot and model, Betsy developed mutant Psychic abilities when she used to join the X-Men as Psylocke. Saving her teammates from the Reavers and found unconscious on the coast of Japan, Psylocke's mind and soul were swapped with that of a dying Japanese assasins.

Additional Information

The daughter of Sir James Braddock, a citizen of Otherworld, Elizabeth Braddock is used to inter-dimensional travel. The sister of the powerful reality altering mutant Jamie Braddock and twin to the United Kingdom's premier superhero Brian Braddock (Captain Britain), Elizabeth has been living the superhero life since her teenage years. Originally a charter pilot, Betsy took-up a modeling career, until her telepathic powers emerged and she joined S.T.R.I.K.E., the the U.K.'s equivalent of the U.N.'s S.H.I.E.L.D.. After killing an alternate reality version of her twin brother, Kaptain Briton, Betsy used his suit and briefly became Captain Britain. After the assassin Slaymaster brutally beat and blinded Betsy, she was kidnapped by Spiral and Mojo and surgically given artificial eyes, restoring her sight. Naming her Psylocke, Betsy was freed from Mojo's mental control, by the New Mutants and, after fending-off and attack by Sabretooth, joined the X-Men, where she fought for the peaceful coexistence of mutants and humans. Betsy's life was changed forever after crime lord Mats'uo Tsurayaba captured her and switched her mind with the mind of his lover, Kwannon. Betsy was brainwashed into become the Lady Mandarin and learned the art of ninjitsu, but regained her free will and rejoined the X-Men. After starting a long-standing relationship with teammate Warren Worthington III, Betsy was attacked, by Sabretooth, and Warren used the Crimson Dawn to heal her, giving her a new set of powers to teleport in shadows and distancing her relationship with Warren. With her powers switching from telepathy to telekinesis, Betsy eventually joined the splinter group, X-Treme X-Men, while searching for the future-telling Destiny's diaries and was murdered by Vargas. After being resurrected by her brother Jamie, Betsy rejoined the X-Men, briefly joined the Exiles and Excalibur, and returned to the X-Men, while secretly joining the assassin squad of X-Men X-Force, renewing her relationship with Warren. (Source: Wikia)

Psychic Scanning:
  • Chance to perform a pre-emptive Psychic Counter against an enemy attack
  • Guaranteed Pre-Emptive counter against Psychic attacks

Skill 1: Telekinetic Katana
  • One Enemy
  • Number Of Hits: 2
  • Type: Slashing Melee Energy
  • Hit/Crit: 92%/16%
Weak Mind (3 rounds)
  • Taking extra damage against Psychic Attacks.

Skill 2: Mental Coordination:
  • All Allies
  • Cooldown: 2 Rounds
  • Type: Buff

Mental Coordination:
  • Psychic link to teammates increases all stats
  • Attacks have a high chance to cause allies to join the attack

Psionic Shadow:
  • Chance to evade Melee and Ranged attacks
  • The next Kinetic Shielding consumes Psionic Shadow to create a larger shield effect
  • The next Melee attack consumes Psionic Shadow to deal extra damage

Skill 3: Kinetic Shield
  • Self
  • Cooldown: 3 rounds
  • Type: Buff
  • Starts cooled down

Quick Action
  • Grants an immediate free turn after using
  • Does not trigger follow-up attacks

Kinetic Shield
  • Protects an ally from Psychic attacks
  • Shield effect absorbs incoming damage.

Skill 3: Psychic Knives
  • One Enemy
  • Number of hits: 2
  • Type: Melee Psychic Energy
  • Hit/Crit: 92%/16%

Psychic Attack
  • Ignores most Avoidace, Shield, Counter, and Protect effects
Psychic Scanning
  • The Next attack is locked out for 1 round
Mental Prowess
  • Guranteed crit against targets with Weak Mind

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