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Marvel Avengers Alliance Special Operation Tips

Written on Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hey guys, I'll be doing the Special Operation missions just as I did the regular Mission Guide. Please refer back to the Mission Guide if you are having trouble reading this.

What are Special Operations?
Special Operations are Limited Time challenges where you can earn unique boss items through battle and even a new hero by completing all of the chapter's tasks (new for Spec Ops 2).
Once the time for the mission has expired, the hero is put back in the vault. So act fast, Agent!
Special Operations require the resource Unstable Iso-8 to access it's mission events, including battles and deploys.

How do I unlock Special Operations?
Complete Story Missions to unlock Spec Ops!

How do I earn Unstable Iso-8?
You can earn Unstable Iso-8 through battle or deploys, gifts from friends, or buy it from the store to help you complete the challenge. You may ask your friends for Unstable ISO-8 by clicking the '+' arrow next to the Unstable ISO-8 box and then selecting 'Ask Friends.' However, once the mission is expired that flavor of Unstable Iso-8 goes away with it, so try to use it all up! 
The odds of getting Unstable ISO-8 from a hero-specific deploy in Special Operations is only 2%. There is no guarantee that it will pop-up in any of the other deploys.

Where can I see my available Unstable ISO-8?
You may view your available ISO-8 from inside of the Special Operations tab. 

I just accepted a bunch of Unstable ISO-8 from my gifts, why hasn't my total Unstable ISO-8 increased?
You will need to refresh your game client (F5) to see the change.

How do I obtain the hero that is associated with the Special Operation?
In SpecOp1, you must achieve 5-Star Mastery in all three missions to unlock/earn the hero reward.
In SpecOp2, you must complete all 25 tasks in order to unlock/earn the hero reward. It is unconfirmed that you can achieve 5-Star Mastery in all three missions like SpecOp1.

What happens if I run out of time?
Once the timer expires, the Special Operation will no longer be available for play.

What happens when I abort a Deploy mission?
Aborting the Deploy mission consumes the Unstable Iso-8 used to activate it. So abort at your own risk!

I want to send a hero on a deployment, but it says they are busy and already out for deployment.
You can play Special Operations simultaneously with story missions. If you are in the middle of a story mission, you may have heroes that are already out for deployment. They will not be available until you either complete or abort the deploy mission.

Some Tips on Tackling Special Operations
Below I will include general tips on how go through Special Operations. If you want me to add some tips, please post in this thread or send me a PM. For more helpful tips, the developers has also created a guide for your viewing pleasure.
  • Fight the minimum. You want to maximize your score per energy spent since the Unstable ISO-8 are only given in a limited supply unless you spend gold. You do not need to clear all threats and deploy missions to complete a mission.
  • Deploy when Necessary. In Special Operations 1, it was unnecessary to send deploys because they did not contribute much to your overall score and was essentially a waste of UISO-8. In Special Operations 2, you may want to consider deploying at least once or twice a mission. The reason being is that it is difficult to three-bird the mission without using deploys. You may have to end up fighting a mini-boss battle for 20 UISO-8, or you could use that 20 UISO-8 for deploys and attempt to three-bird the main boss battle.
  • High to Low. Fight only the high and medium level threats for a higher score per UISO-8 ratio. Do not fight the low level threats unless you absolutely have to to unlock more threats.
  • Restart Missions. You can abort and restart missions to change the types of threats you see at the start of a mission. The higher the level threats you play, the better your mission score. Do this if you only see deploys and low level threats in the beginning. Keep in mind that some missions will not have high level threats at the start and you may need to settle for medium level threats. Please note that you will not need to restart missions for Spec Ops 2.
  • Choose your Battles. Sometimes you will be choosing between two different medium or high level threats with different enemies. Choose the ones that are easier to handle with your team. Below I have provided you with the two choices that will come up. Use it to help you decide which of those two battles are better for you. In Special Operations 2, you won't need to make any choices.
  • Make use of bonuses:
    • Quartermaster/Endurance. There is at least a 125-250 point bonus (Quartermaster) at the end of the battle if you use between 5-10 items. There is also another 150 point bonus for not recharging during a mission. You can use stamina packs instead if you are low and this way you can preserve the endurance bonus as well as contribute to the quartermaster bonus.
    • One-shot/Overkill. One-shot kills give 150 bonus points and depending on the magnitude of the overkill, you can get up to an additional 150 points for each one you perform. Performing overkills is relatively simple if you dwindle your enemies HP before hitting them with a big attack. However if you want to one-shot kill your enemies you will need to boost your hero's stats. In addition to slotting ISO-8, you can buff during battle with gadgets and/or items. Some items to use are Revenge Strikes (with Protect to get enraged), Kinetic Amplifiers, Armor Piercer, Strike/Focus Patch and Zap-8.
    • Vitality. Maintain your health at the end of the battle to get a max bonus of 500 points. Use health packs or weapons that cure. You can also use shield weapons/items to prevent any damage at all.
    • Two/Three Bird Boss Fights. You will get higher multipliers for tackling mini-bosses and main bosses together. Please note that you will not be able to do this in certain missions.
    • Team-Up Bonuses. Click here for more information on team-up bonuses.
  • Avoid Losing. Once you exit the mission, you are given a survival bonus. If you did not lose, then you will double your mission score. If you did lose, you could lose anywhere from 10 to 20k points.
  • Take your time. While there is a time limit on these Special Operations, there is no need to try to 5-star all the missions as soon as possible. You can store your Unstable ISO-8 that you gain from battles or gifts and use them at a later time. Use the time in the beginning to level up your heroes if you need to so you will have a stronger characters to deal with the enemies. Play the regular story missions in the mean time. Keep in mind in Special Operations 2, you will need to set aside 86 hours to complete research.
  • PVP. I added this last because some of you probably don't like PVP. However, the UISO-8 can drop from any battle and PVP allows you to get more when you don't have energy to play missions. Take advantage of this to get more of the UISO-8 before your time runs out!

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