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Marvel Avengers Alliance: New PVP UPDATE

Written on Friday, August 10, 2012


Below is the message from the developers regarding the new PvP changes:

We are pleased to announce several exciting changes to PVP in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. These changes include:
  1. Rolling Ladders
  1. Practice Matches
  1. PVP Daily Bonus XP
  1. Battle Reports
  1. New PVP landing page
  1. Rolling Ladders
Rolling Ladders
In order to encourage competition between old and new players alike, PVP will be broken into a series of Seasons. Everyone get a fresh start at the beginning of each Season, starting at the same rating and competing on a brand new leaderboard. Your lifetime statistics, including lifetime rating, wins, and losses, can still be seen on your profile.
Challenge points may be spent to start Ranked Matches where you compete to increase your rating, which in turn improves your Ladder rank. When you start a ranked Ladder match, an opponent of similar rating and Agent level is automatically chosen, providing an appropriate challenge. All you must do to participate in a Season is to compete in at least one ranked fight.
Seasons last for a specified period of time before they end. After a Season ends, your rating and rank is locked until a new Season starts. You cannot start a ranked match when there is not an active Season.
Practice Matches
At any time, you may play Practice Matches to test your strike team and see how they will fare against a variety of opponents. Practice Matches differ from ranked matches in several important ways: Practice Matches do not cost Challenge Points, do not provide any XP or item drops and do not count for or against your rating.
After beginning a Practice Match, you’ll be presented a list of opponents to challenge. These opponents are marked as Easy, Medium, or Hard based on how different their rating is from yours.
Daily Bonus XP
Up to five times per day, participating in a Ranked Match in PVP gets you a large bonus to the XP received. This is roughly equivalent to the amount of XP you would get for completing a boss fight. Practice Matches do not award bonus XP and don’t count against the number of XP bonuses received per day.
Battle Reports
You can click on the Battle Reports button to bring up a comprehensive list of recent PVP activity. This includes matches the you’ve initiated (attacks) and challenges you’ve received (defenses). The Battle Reports page tracks your wins, losses, and changes to your rating.
New Landing Page
The landing page for PVP is cleaner and more streamlined to provide easy access to new features such as Ranked Matches and Battle Reports. It also provides information about the time remaining in the current Season or time until the next Season begins, your rating, and your number of Bonus XP fights left today.

These changes are the first step in revamping PVP functionality so look forward to many more great additions to Marvel: Avengers Alliance PVP in the future.

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August 17, 2012 at 5:07 AM

kool but i hav been banded sucks

October 13, 2012 at 10:25 AM

Why can you not choose opponents anymore...and why are people level 90 being paired against people in the 100+ category...that generally is instant win for the level 100+ crowd now....

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