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Marvel Avengers Alliance: New Command Point earning method

Written on Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We noticed as of 19.07.2012 and based on numerous runs, the % of CP appearance via Roulette has increased for 1CP and 3CP than 5CP. Based on assumptions, 50% you get 1CP. 30% it's 3CP. LOL 1% or less 5CP. What were your experiences @ the roulette? More of 1CP right since the adjustment to CP drop via Epic, High Alert Terror and Boss on 16.07.2012? 

The runs were based on two accounts - Level 221 and Level 137+ in Chapter 6-5 Magic Hand, Chapter 7-6 A Whole New U, Chapter 5-6 Hydra Assemble! Energies spent definitely more than 1K per account. 

Then, how to get more command points easily? 

EARNING CP (Command Points)

Fastest Route To Boss Roulette
As of 21.07.2012, the quickiest way to BOSS Roulette via PvE Missions as follow:

Chapter 1 - Mission 1 - The Hydra's Tail
Boss: Viper (65 XP)
Boss Drop: Single-Shot Thumper, Hidden Blade
Team-Up: Hawkeye


Chapter 1 - Mission 2 - Class Is In Session
Boss: Whiplash (65 XP)
Boss Drop: Precision Focus Aperture, Remote Jet Injector
Team-Up: Iron Man


Chapter 7 - Mission 3 - Head Shot
Deploy Missions: 5 (Spider-man)
# of Threats: 8Low x4
W1: Maggia Grunt x3 | W2: Maggia Bodyguard (55 XP)
High x4
W1: Maggia Grunt, Maggia Henchman, Maggia Thug | W2: Maggia Duelist, Maggia Gunman, Maggia Bodyguard (105 XP)

Bosses/Drops/Team Up
Mini-Boss: VectorW1: Maggia Bodyguard, Maggia Assassin, Maggia Thug | W2: Vector (115 XP)
Boss: Jack O'LanternJack O'Lantern, Vector, Maggia Assassin (145 XP)
Boss Drop: Vibra-Trumbash, Voltage Crash

Epic Boss: Green Goblin
Green Goblin (200 XP)
Epic Boss Drop: Goblin Glider, P.E.W. "Stoic"
Team-Up: Black Cat

Chapter 4 - Mission 4 - Unexpected Guest (70 Energy)
Deploy Missions:
Scrapper - 2 BattlesAny Hero x2 - 1, 2Storm - 2 Battles - S.A. "Siege"

# of Threats: 5
Medium x 3 (30 Energy)
Enforcer, Knuckles, Enforcer (75 XP)W1: Bullets, Ice Pick, Bullets |
W2: Mad Dog x2 (80 XP)Angler, Bullets, Angler (75 XP)

Image URL: http://i.imgur.com/ymdU7.png

High x 2 (20 Energy)
W1: Bullets, Mad Dog, Bullets | W2: Angler x2 (110 XP)
W1: Enforcer, Slicer, Enforcer | W2: Mad Dog x2 (95 XP)
W1: Enforcer, Knuckles, Slicer |
W2: Bullets, Angler (125 XP)

Image URL: http://i.imgur.com/0zVZ7.png

Bosses/Drops/Team Up
Mini-Boss: Fixer
Slicer, Fixer, Slicer(100 XP)
Boss: Vapor
Enforcer, Vapor, Fixer (140 XP)
Boss Drop: Overwatch, A.R. "Striker"

Image URL: http://i.imgur.com/R7O1w.png

Epic Boss: Magneto
Magneto (200 XP)
Epic Boss Drop: Magnetic Field Generator, Single-Shot Hobbler
Team-Up: Invisible Woman

Changes Roulette % CP Drops
We also noticed as of 19.07.2012 and based on numerous runs, the % of CP appearance via Roulette has increased for 1CP and 3CP than 5CP. Based on assumptions, 50% you get 1CP. 30% it's 3CP. LOL 5% or less 5CP. FYI.

 - 1 Command Points -

 - 3 Command Points -
- 1 to 3 Command Points is more plausible.

 - 5 Command Points -
- 5 Command Points is rarer and scarcer than before.

 - 10 Command Points -

Boss Roulette if you hit jack-pot.

Convert GOLD to CP 1 : 2

This is the least preferred method.

Changes to Crits and CP Drops
Intentational or bugged, as of Tuesday 17.07.2012, Command Drops are no longer guaranteed to drop in all EPIC Bosses fights including High-Terror ones.

If intentional, the move is purely commercial, with some believe Playdom hopes gamers will turn spenders if they wish to stay collectors and competitive within this game.

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August 10, 2012 at 12:50 AM

We must show Playdom that they are wrong. All together as one.

May 29, 2013 at 9:35 AM

This is written so badly, that I can barely understand most of it. I can understand if you aren't English, but if you are, then you should really ask somebody to help you write these "articles".
And please, don't use the "I have dyslexia" argument, because everybody says it these days.

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