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Marvel Avengers Alliance: Special Operations Guide: Mocking bird and Unstable ISO-8 tips & tricks

Written on Sunday, June 3, 2012

Special Operations Guide
Will continue to update this as we play along.

What are Special Operations?
Special Operations are Limited Time challenges where you can earn unique boss items through battle and even a new hero by achieving 5-Star Mastery in all missions.

Once the time for the mission has expired, the hero is put back in the vault. So act fast, Agent! Special Operations require the resource Unstable ISO-8 to access it's mission events, including battles and deploys.

How do I earn Unstable Iso-8?
You can earn Unstable Iso-8 through battle or deploys, gifts from friends, or buy it from the store to help you complete the challenge. Unstable ISO-8 can also be obtained as loot drops via PvP battles as well during the duration of this limited edition content series.

However, once the mission is expired that flavor of Unstable Iso-8 goes away with it, so try to use it all up prior to completion of this entire series/feature.

The usage of Unstable ISO-8 is exponential. Everything in Special Ops cost Unstable ISO-8. Even Deploy Heroes. As each gamer can only accept 50 items on a daily basis. Our suggestion is to accept 50% Energy Points x 2, with the other half Unstable ISO-8 if you intend to embark on this mission.

How do I unlock Special Operations?
Complete Story Missions to unlock Spec Ops! What happens when I abort a Deploy mission? Aborting the Deploy mission consumes the Unstable Iso-8 used to activate it. So abort at your own risk!

I want to send a hero on a deployment, but it says they are busy and already out for deployment.You can play Special Operations simultaneously with story missions. If you are in the middle of a story mission, you may have heroes that are already out for deployment. They will not be available until you either complete or abort the deploy mission.

Can I play regular mission, while you have a special ops mission on-going? I'm out of the unstable ISO. But don't want to lose my progress on it to do a regular mission.
Yes - select "Missions" from your flight deck menu, and you can switch between Spec Ops and Story tabs.They are completely independant of one another, so if you're farming Elektra, you don't need to abort that mission or exit the map if you want to keep doing that AND the Mockingbird stuff. Mocking Bird is accessed from the Helicarrier.

Some Tips on Tackling Special Operations
 Below I will include general tips on how go through Special Operations. If you want me to add some tips, please post in this thread or send me a PM. I will include more specific strategies under each mission.

  • Fight the minimum. You want to maximize your score per energy spent since Unstable ISO-8 are only given in a limited supply unless you spend gold. You do not need to clear all threats and deploy missions to complete a mission. You can spend as low as 20-25 Unstable ISO-8 to clear a mission instead of 60-80 ISO-8.
  • Do NOT Deploy. Unless you are after the Epic Boss in Special Ops 1 - Mission 1, there is no reason to send out your heroes on deploy missions. These missions cost a whopping 5 Unstable ISO-8s and are not worth the cost. You only get 500 mission points per deploy, which in the end won't contribute much to your cumulative point total. You are also not guaranteed much of a chance at getting back the ISO-8 spent when you claim the deploy mission reward.
  • High to Low. Fight only the high and medium level threats for a higher score per Unstable ISO-8 ratio. Do not fight the low level threats unless you absolutely have to to unlock more threats.
  • Restart Missions. You can abort and restart missions to change the types of threats you see at the start of a mission. The higher the level threats you play, the better your mission score. Do this if you only see deploys and low level threats in the beginning. Keep in mind that some missions will not have high level threats at the start and you may need to settle for medium level threats.
  • Choose your Battles. Sometimes you will be choosing between two different medium or high level threats with different enemies. Choose the ones that are easier to handle with your team. Below I have provided you with the two choices that will come up. Use it to help you decide which of those two battles are better for you.
  • Take your time. While there is a time limit on these Special Operations, there is no need to try to 5-star all the missions as soon as possible. You can store yourUnstable ISO-8 that you gain from battles or gifts and use them at a later time. Use the time in the beginning to level up your heroes if you need to so you will have a stronger characters to deal with the enemies. Play the regular story missions in the mean time.

SPECIAL OPERATIONS 001 - Don't Say A Word...Unlock Mockingbird:
Complete 15 Stars of Mastery in Special Operation 1
Availability: Current Available. From May 15th - June 11th (28 days time limit)

Mission 1 - Radio Chatter

  • Deploy Missions:
    • Spider-Woman - 1 Battle
    • Black Widow - 1 Battle
    • Tactician - 2 Battles
    • Infiltrator - 2 Battles
    • Any Hero - 1 Battle
  • # of Threats:
    • Low: 2
    • Medium: 3
    • High: 3 - 130XP each.
  • Minimum Complete
  • Bosses/Drops/Team-Up:
    • Mini-Boss: Bulldozer
    • Boss: Madam Masque
    • Boss Drop: Target Pistol, 5 Unstable ISO-8
    • Epic Boss: Hammerhead
    • Epic Boss Drop: The Toolbox, 10 Unstable ISO-8
    • Team-Up: Black Widow

Mission 1 - Radio Chatter BOSS BATTLE

Mission 1 - Radio Chatter EPIC BOSS Battle
3 Waves of Hammerheads with 440XP payout in total.

Mission 2 - Thunderball PhD

  • Unlock Requirements: 
  • Complete 1 Star Mastery in Special Operation 1 - Mission 1
  • Deploy Missions:
    • Hawkeye - 3 Battles
    • Scrapper - 2 Battles
    • Bruiser - 2 Battles
    • Any Hero x2 - 1,1
  • # of Threats:
    • Low: 2
    • Medium: 3
    • High: 3
  • Minimum Complete
  • Bosses/Drops/Team-Up:
    • Mini-Boss: Piledriver
    • Boss: Thunderball
    • Boss Drop: Taste of Thunder, 5 Unstable ISO-8
    • Team-Up: Iron Man

Mission 2 - Thunderball PhD BOSS Battle

Mission 3 - Enemy Ally

  • Unlock Requirements: 
  • Complete 1 Star Mastery in Special Operation 1 - Mission 2
  • Deploy Missions:
    • Black Widow - 3 Battles
    • Infiltrator - 1 Battle
    • Any Hero x2 - 1,2
  • # of Threats:
    • Low: 2
    • Medium: 3
    • High: 3
  • Minimum Complete
  • Bosses/Drops/Team-Up:
    • Mini-Boss: Mockingbird
    • Boss: Wrecker
    • Boss Drop: Enchanted Crowbar, 5 Unstable ISO-8
    • Team-Up: Hawkeye

Mission 3 - Enemy Ally BOSS Battle


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