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Marvel Avengers Alliance beginner guide: Frequently ask question (FAQ)

Written on Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gamers Tips:
Q: How do I filter out and see only MAA newsfeed on Facebook?
A: Bookmark and open a new tab with this link - https://www.facebook.com/?sk=app_194577560619891. This should aid your visual and help claim those much needed Shield Points.

Q: How do I locate/claim my Daily Marvel Bonus! ?
A: You need to enable Facebook to send you notification from the application, in this case, Marvel: Avengers Alliance. If this doesn't work, try blocking and then momentarily unblock the application back. Daily Marvel Bonuses are not transferrable.

Q: Why are Shield Points needed so much?
A: This a newbie question: Shield points are only a problem when you are new but once your level goes up you will start hating them. Ask your high level friends.

To collect more SHIELD points, consider using - The Game Feed Collector. Remember you can only collect 30 per day.

Q: If I buy the hero needed in the premium mission, does that unlock the premium mission?
A: Yes.

Q: What is so special about premium missions?
A: There are good items that are obtainable only in the premium missions.They are also essential for Chapter Mastery.The enemies in the premium depends on the level of the agent.

Q: What are the best ways to farm command points?
A: Every time you defeat a Mission or Epic Boss you will have a chance to get 1, 3, 5 or 10 Command Points.
Getting a 5 star mastery per Mission will give you 5 Command Points.
Critical Hit is a good way to get extra Command Points.
Remote Ops gives Command Points once in a while. (Very Rare)

For more information, please see:
Where to Farm For CP (Command Points)

Q: How to unlock Epic Boss?
A: You need to fight all the battles and deploy who are needed to be deployed.
The Mission Boss is not essential for the Epic Boss to Appear.

For more information, please see:
Epics & Bosses

Q: I cannot unlock Chapter 8. Why?
A: As of now. Chapter 8 Dark Rites has not bee released.

Q: If I put ISO-8 in my uniform, is it permanently stuck there?
A: It is permanently stuck there unless you change or replace it. Do note once you replace a new ISO-8 with another, your former ISO-8 will be destroyed/gone. ISO-8 in Uniform is replaceable.

Q: Are items I put as PVP Bonus replaceable?
A: Yes. But you once you place them in, you cannot reverse the move and cannot get the old items back.

Q: What the best things to research when starting out? Are there things not worth research?
A: Research what you think is important. Duh!!!! What am I talking about?!
Depends on you. There are players that research for consumable items.
All of them research for ISO-8 and those cool weapons. T
here are players there that research for PVP Bonus. Ex Like PEW Raze with 431 ATK and 216 DEF

Q: What are the benefits/rewards for participating in PvP?
A: 5XP. Some random but useful consumable items from critical hits.
Fame and Glory You will also gain many enemies in your rival list and see your losses mount.

Q: How often can you get Distress Calls and bonuses from visiting friend's cities? Is it once a day, once a week, or is it a one time deal?
A: Once a day. Every 24 hours. As a word of advice, only collect Distress Call from active gamers. You don't want an Agent appearing with a Needle Gun and only some 20 to 30HP is taken off the opponent.

Q: Does heroes have Max Level?
A: Yes. The max level is 12. Do note training hours varies. At Level 12 it takes 300,000 Coins and 72 Hours to train them to their maximum potential.

Q: If I accidentally start a mission that turns out to be too hard, how do I get out of it?
A: Go to Flight Deck, click "Missions" tab. Abort the Mission.

Q: Highest type of ISO-8?
A: Shards, available at level 60.

Q: Highest type of "Researchable" uniform?
A: The 6 slot Reinforced Trench is available at level 80. That cost 22 Gold I think.

Q: What is the max accepts for Gift accepts?
A: 50 gifts for most players.

Q: What time PST does the day reset so I can start collecting again?
A: Many say 12 midnight PST. Asian time is +8 GMT that means 1600 Hours my local time.

Q: When a hero is Training (say, Iron Man for 7th level for 12 frigging hours), can Iron Man be used when he is a required Team-Up hero (like against Crimson Dynamo)?
A: No. The hero in training will be unavailable to be used on missions, team-ups, remote-ops. But is available for PVP.

Q: How many free heroes will the game give?
A: 3. Black Widow, Iron Man, and a choice from the 5 cheapest heroes. There is also Hawkeye which cost 1 command point which is as good as free and not optional.
@ Level 11you get to choose one more - Ms. Marvel (Blaster) / Iron Fist (Scrapper) / Invisible Woman (Infiltrator) / Cyclops (Tactician). So choose wisely.

Q: How to earn Gold?
A: Level Up you will gain 1 Gold (But not all levels, some levels unlock you slots), 4 star mastery chapters earn you 1 Gold too, Earn Gold or Buy. Or take part in the Earn Gold via a Facebook/Playdom Survey MCQ - That earns you 1 Gold.

Q: How to achieve perfection?
A: Do not defeat the mini-boss(es) so when the mission boss appears, the mini-boss(es) will fight with him/her for a chance of a higher point.

Q: Is there a way to request specific gifts (i.e. energy, for example)?
A: There are "ask friends" buttons for energy, shield points and challenge points.

Q: Who are the heroes I should buy first?
A: It depends entirely on your game-play. Which class or character should I unlock now, next? Is it for PvP? or just Storyline Mode? Consider the below:

✔ Each character has their own battle class, strength and can be influenced by ISO III placements.
✔ Premium Mission unlock and completion/ Chapters deployment.
✔ Team-Set Up - ✔ Offensive Attack ✔ Defensive Passive or ✔ Versatile Neutral Balanced?
✔ PvP - Player vs Player on a regular daily basis?
✔ Or just PvC - Players vs Computer only (Closed play)?
✔ Your current $$$ - how much CP do you have? Now? In a week's time?
✔ Are you after only BRANDED heroes? Well-known celebrities vs practical can do characters?

Q: What does the Power Level mean? How should it effect my decision regarding which weapon to equip?
A: A simple hierarchy of weapons made by the developers. Not necessarily a big thing to consider when it comes to choosing a weapon/gear.

Q: How should I decide what weapons/gear to use?
A: Whichever weapon is useful for your strategy. Take it gradually. Do not rush unless you are willing to spend on this social game.

Q: How to obtain Golden Weapons?
A: Achieve 5 stars on all 6 missions(including the premium) per chapter. To view what you can get in every chapter, click the "view briefing" button in every chapter.

Q: Is there a limit for number of allies?
A: Yes. I never really counted but the PVP bonus from number of allies seems stuck at 25% so once a player reach that they stop getting new allies.
There are players that I do not see as my ally that are able to visit me. That means even if you do not see them as ally they see you. For now I was told 100 players will appear on your ladder. The system is not perfect, we just have to live with it.

Q: How do I delete inactive allies?
A: By visiting ALLIES, scroll down and 'Remove Ally' tab. For instructions see here - http://i42.tinypic.com/2qw3huo.jpg

Q: How can I find out how to boost my Agent and Heroes statistics?
A: By levelling up, your Agent's statistics gets stronger. Your Agent and Heroes statistics can also be influenced by purchase or installation of new uniforms as well as other ISO-8s - Attack, Accuracy, Defense, Evasion etc.

Health - The ability to stay alive longer in fights.
Stamina - The amount of turns you can inflict before re-charging
Attack - Offensive capability to inflict more damage and negativity to opponent health strength/points.
Defense - Ability to absorb damage, lesser damage taken to Health Points.
Accuracy - Chances to get more Critical Hits.
Evasion - Ability to doge opponent attacks.


Q: How does Turns and Rounds work?
A: After the recent update that happened on May 3, 2012, the changes revolving PvP and PvE on which side is able to perform during battles have changed. Prior to this, most equipments and hero's skills are based on turns, which means for as long as the agent or hero that has numerous turns before another agent's or hero's, then the cooldown of equipments and skills will be deducted per turn regardless of whether a full round has passed.

A full round consists of turns taken by both sides in the battle. If an ally or opponent has yet to taken its turn in that round, all round related cooldowns will not reset or be deducted.

Q: I have completed all Chapters and Missions to date. Where's the best place or mission to farm XP and level up please?

Chapter 5 - Mission 6 - Hydra Assemble!
You do know that on 5.6 you get 530 XP for 40 energy right? That is 132.5 per 10 energy...

Q: Which are the best uniform(s) or classes I should equip my Agent (You the Player) with? And which ISO-8 III Shards would you recommend I power them up with?

Most Conformists will suggest:

22 Gold - Generalist Commander Trench
ISO Advice: Refined ISO-8 White Shards @ 5 Gold each or ISO-8 White Shards @ 12,000 Coins each

For flexiblity and capabilities
24 Gold - Tactician Commander Trench
ISO Advice: Refined ISO-8 White Shards @ 5 Gold each or ISO-8 White Shards @ 12,000 Coins each

For offensive, 1 turn kill rate/ratio
24 Gold - Blaster Commander Trench
ISO Advice: Refined Violent Red Shards @ 3 Gold each or 4 Precise Red Shards @ 5,200 Coins each and 4 Strong Red Shards @ 6,000 Coins each.
Do note you do not use this uniform if there are 1 or more Tacticians in the game.

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